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Can We Talk? Politics + Government

November 26, 2023
Mark Medley
Explore the intersection of faith and politics in Pastor Mark Medley's insightful sermon, 'Can We Talk? Politics + Government,' as part of the 'Can We Talk?' series

In this final week of our “Can We Talk?” series, Pastor Mark Medley addresses the often polarizing topic of politics and government, urging us to view these through the lens of our Christian faith and national identity. He explores the intersection of God’s Kingdom and our political landscape, drawing on Matthew 22’s account of Jesus’ wise navigation of political challenges. Mark highlights the tension between being citizens of heaven and active participants in earthly governance. He emphasizes our call to be peacemakers, embodying Jesus’ spirit of truth, unity, and compassion. Throughout his sermon, he shares historical examples of prayer’s role in politics and advocates for discussing politics with God before others. Mark delves into the Biblical perspective, contrasting cultural attitudes towards politics with what God instructs. He emphasizes our dual responsibilities: to the Kingdom of God and to our earthly political context. This involves a deep engagement, compassionate action, and a commitment to uphold the principles of freedom and justice. As we conclude the “Can We Talk?” series, let’s reflect on our role in politics. We’re invited to engage thoughtfully and lovingly in our earthly kingdom while remaining true to our higher allegiance to God’s Kingdom.