We have a lot of classes and teachings outside our normal Sunday services. This is a place to find all of these resources and to delve deeper into specific subjects.

Can We Talk? Resources

In a realm of diverse views, our sermon series “Can We Talk” is set to foster a space of exploration and discussion. This resource page accompanies you, offering insights on challenging topics. We don’t have all the answers, but we aim to come alongside you wherever you are on life’s journey as we work to understand together life and the world around us through the lens of Jesus Christ and the Bible’s wisdom.

Trinity Talk

Trinity Talk is our blog that covers a wide selection of subjects. Everything from current events and our response as Christ-followers, to Bible studies. This is a great resource for everyone.

Foundations Class

“What is God like?” “What does He think about me?” “How can I know Him?” “What does He expect of me?” “What is a good foundation?” The questions above are some of the most important questions we will ever ask. Thankfully, God has not left us guessing, and He answers these questions for us while inviting us to know Him more and more.

During these ten sessions, you will learn more about God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and what it means to be a Christian. Learn more about the classes and download the workbook here.

Trinity Equipping Class: The armor of God

This 8-part series takes a look at the Armor of God, spiritual warfare, and being prepared for battles that may come our way.

Spiritual gifts

This is an overview of the spiritual gifts, taught by Neil Silverberg.


Neil Silverberg leads this 7-part series on viewing theology from a biblical worldview.


These short videos cover the importance of the Gospel. Both on a large scale and on a personal level.