The Forge Youth Ministry

A large group of youth, kids and leaders after the messy day game at youth camp. Everyone is covered in whipped cream, shaving cream, flour, and other messy items.

Crafting Character

Welcome to The Forge, the dynamic youth ministry of Trinity Community Church, dedicated to guiding young people through the complexities of today’s world. In The Forge, we don’t shy away from the tough issues our teens face daily. Instead, we confront these challenges head-on, providing a supportive space where faith intersects with real life.

Our mission at The Forge is to empower our youth with deep, unwavering faith amidst the pressures and uncertainties of the modern world. Our experienced team of coordinators and leaders are committed to understanding and addressing the concerns of today’s youth. 

Whether it’s social pressures, personal struggles, or global issues, we tackle these topics with honesty, compassion, and a biblical perspective. We aim to inspire our young people to be confident in their faith so that they can make wise decisions and courageously express their beliefs.

At The Forge, we create opportunities for our teens to apply their faith meaningfully through exciting events such as summer camp and youth mission trips, to times of worship and community service projects. These activities strengthen their personal beliefs and encourage them to be proactive contributors in their communities and beyond.

Join us at The Forge, where faith is lived, questions are welcomed, and teens can confidently face the world with faith that endures.

What to Expect

For students in grades 7-12, Wednesday nights at The Forge, from 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM, are about developing community, growing faith, and having a good time.

We start our night off with games that are as much fun as they are about building friendships, cultivating teamwork, and practicing communication. Following that, we have a time of worship—it’s a great way to get everyone in a Christ-focused mindset as we lead into our weekly sermon. Lastly, the heart of our evening is the small group discussions. These are laid-back, honest conversations where our mentors and youth discuss everything from daily challenges to deeper faith questions. It’s a space for genuine, meaningful connections and real accountability between a group of grade and gender-matched peers, guided by leaders who walk through all the discussions.

Safety is a priority. We ensure that all adults involved in The Forge have been thoroughly vetted for the protection and well-being of our teens. Keeping parents informed is also vital—we want you to be part of the journey, knowing what your teens are up to and how they’re growing with us. If you want to know how we do this and our process, contact our office; we would love to connect you to our team.

Joel Silverberg speaks during the opening night at the Forge to a group of teens and leaders.

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