Derrick Overholt baptizes his daughter during a Sunday service at Trinity Community Church, where she looks up with a happy smile as people cheer in the background.

Why Baptism Matters

Follow and Obey

Jesus was baptized to set an example for us, and He instructs us to do the same. It is a vital step of obedience in our journey with the Lord.

Publicly Declare

Baptism is our way to announce our commitment to Jesus and to living a Christian life. It is neither a means of salvation nor a mere symbol and performance of faith. Through this act of obedience, believers identify with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection and declare publicly that He is their Savior and Lord.


The Meaning Behind Baptism

Christ’s Journey

Baptism is a reflection of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. This is why we practice full immersion.

Fresh Start

This act of obedience signifies the start of a new life in alignment with Christian values and a commitment to following Christ.

Who and When

Who Should Do It

Anyone who believes in Jesus should be baptized. We recommend that children understand its significance first.

When to Do It

Don’t delay. Believers should be baptized as soon as they realize its importance and after they have made the decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Rob Ellis prays over a child after baptizing them during a Sunday service at Trinity Community Church
Baptism Class Graphic

Next Scheduled Baptism Class

Date June 26, 2024Time 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Next Steps for Being Baptized

Whether you’re ready for baptism or just curious, our Baptism Class is for you. This friendly and open session for any age gives a deep yet easy-to-understand look into what baptism means. All are welcome, whether you’re certain about taking the step or just exploring what it might mean for you