Become A Partner

Derrick Overholt chats with a husband and wife about Trinity Community Church

Partnership, not another Membership

Our passion is to come alongside the people of our church and to go beyond our walls to help those in need. We do this by partnering with people (like you!) who want to play a role in something more and believe in what we are doing here at TCC.

We avoid the usual verbiage of “membership,” as we don’t want this to feel like a gym membership used once or twice a year. A partnership is a two-way street, where we come alongside you and your family to help in whatever way we can as you participate as an active community member, contributing through your unique gifts, skills, and talents.

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Becoming a Partner

If you are ready to explore becoming a partner with us, then the next step is to attend one of our Discovering TCC classes. 

After you have attended a Discovering TCC session, you can schedule a time to meet with one of our elders to talk more about our church. This also gives us the opportunity to get to know you and learn how we can best come alongside you and your family to help with your growth in the Lord. To schedule a meeting, just reach out to our office!