Foundations Class

Why we believe what we believe

Our Foundations Class is a five-week course that teaches the foundations of our faith. It guides participants in learning more about God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and Christianity.

Over the five weeks, we will discuss questions like:

“What is God like?”
“What does He think about me?”
“How can I know Him?”
“What does He expect of me?”
“What is a good foundation?”

The questions above are some of the most important ones we will ever ask. Thankfully, God has not left us guessing. He answers these questions for us while inviting us to know Him more continually.

In this class, we will talk about what it means to love God and clarify the Bible’s simple, foundational teachings.

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Next Scheduled Foundations Class

There are no Foundations Classes scheduled currently. Please contact our office for more details.

Foundations Online

While Foundations is ultimately best taken in person, we know that is not always possible, so we have made an online version accessible to those needing it. Here, you can find 10 sessions that go through the same materials and include additional thoughts from our elder team.