Two men work together to cut a board for a step for a local daycare as part of Serve Day

Why Serve?

Service is an important part of TCC. It’s one of our three core values, emulating the example set by Christ as the ultimate servant leader. If we want to make a difference and live what we believe, we need to get our hands dirty, doing work to help those in need.

This looks different for everyone. Some are called to serve the nations, while others are called to hold a door open. All service is equally important and valued regardless of your age or position.

Sunday Serve Teams

Amy Huckwell stands smiling in front of a wall that says "Welcome To TCC", and in front of her on the welcome desk are welcome bags for new guests that say "Welcome Home" with the TCC logo.

Welcome Team

The first face people see is the start of a good impression, and our welcome team works hard to ensure it’s a great one, making people feel at home so they know that they have a place to belong.

Two smiling TCC Kids volunteers in a TCC Kids classrooms

TCC Kids Team

Our kids need to hear the gospel just as much as we do, and our TCC Kid’s team works day and night to provide a safe, fun environment for children of all ages.

Ben Lynde serving by operating a camera during a church service for the production and video team

Production Team

Serve on stage and behind the scenes to help people connect with God through weekly worship services, social media, photography, and more!

Three People pray together at the front of the sanctuary after service

Prayer Team

Prayer is a core part of who we are and what we do. We have plenty of ways for you to use your God given gifts to minister to people.

Through the week and beyond

The main lobby area of the offices of Trinity Community Church, with the church logo on the wall.

Office Team

Our church office is the hub for making everything happen here at TCC. From events to getting people started in a ministry, there is always something new and exciting happening in our office!

A team from Trinity Community Church on a missions trip stand with a village of people in front of the church building.

Missions Team

Reaching the lost is one of the most important ways we can serve our communities. That’s why we partner with teams around the globe to help spread the gospel, mentor, and serve communities in lasting ways.

Laura Graner works on her hands and knees cleaning the floors in the TCC Kid's Hall as part of a serve work day in Knoxville

Cleaning and Maintenance Team

Our Cleaning and Maintenance Team works behind the scenes to ensure our building is clean and well-cared for, creating an environment where our partners can feel at home.

Where is my spot?

We get it, having so many options can be overwhelming, and sometimes you don’t know where the best place is for you.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our F.I.T. Initiative class! To learn more about F.I.T. and how it can help you find where you belong in ministry, check out our page.

Fitting In a Trinity (F.I.T.) Initiative graphic with different parts of the body (random shapes and pieces) coming together to form one unit.
A girl and a lady work together to paint the base of a blessings box to help the homeless and those in need as part of serve day

Want to Join a Team?

TCC has serving opportunities for every personality, skill set, season, and schedule. No matter your age or stage of life, you bring something special to our church family.