Our Values & Beliefs

Our Values

At TCC, we love to belong, grow, and serve. These values shape our church culture, our decision-making, and our lives as believers in Christ.

A youth girl who has been crying hugs her female leader as others worship in the background at the Forge youth group

Belong (Building Community)

We belong to a body of believers committed to living out our Christian walk with others through vital relationships characterized by honesty and genuine care for each other. 

At TCC, “belong” looks like:

  • Joining a Community Group
  • Becoming a TCC Partner
  • Leading or participating in a Community Group and helping others find their place in church community.
A group of men and women of different ages listen to Tyler Lynde give a devotional sermon for a meeting at The Gathering Place group for young adults

Grow (Making Disciples)

We grow, maturing in knowledge, character, and abilities so that the kingdom of God is increased. In Ephesians 4:11-12, those gifted in ministry have been given the mandate by God to equip the people they serve for the work of the ministry. At TCC, we are called by God to be an equipping church. 

At TCC, we equip and “grow” our members by encouraging the following:

  • Participation in a baptism class and becoming baptized
  • Going through our Foundations Class
  • Joining a Core Class  
A group of people smile as they serve a local community outreach, giving their time and energy to help during a serve day at Trinity Community Church in Knoxville

Serve (Fulfilling His Mission)

We serve, operating in our unique gifts and callings so as to strengthen the body of Christ and to extend the love of God to those outside the church. We are a church on a mission! Serving within the body and outside, we glorify God through obedience to His call to lay down our lives for one another.

At TCC, we invite you to “serve” by:

  • Taking the F.I.T. Initiative to discover your strengths and learn how to use them in the kingdom of God.
  • Beginning to serve on a ministry team
  • Becoming a leader of a ministry team
  • Serving on a local or international missions team

Our Core Beliefs

The unchanging truth of the Bible determines our beliefs. Below, discover the truths that form the foundations of our faith.

The Godhead (Trinity)

As revealed in Scripture, we believe God is “triune.” He is one God, infinite, eternal, almighty, and perfect in holiness, truth, and love. This one God is eternally revealed in three unique Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This God, consisting of three Persons, is the foundation of our Christian faith and life.

God The Father

God the Father is first revealed in Scripture as the Creator of all things. It is through His will that we all “live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). He is sovereign over all and will one day redeem all things through the return of His Son and the workings of the Holy Spirit.

God The Son (Jesus Christ)

Jesus Christ, the Word made human flesh (John 1:1), born of a virgin, and God’s only Son, Himself being without sin, came and died on the cross for the sins of man, rising on the third day in triumph. He is one with God the Father and will return at the end of the ages to fulfill His work on the cross, already completed. Only through His death and resurrection can anyone be reconciled with God the Father by the inner workings of the Holy Spirit.

God The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead, was in the world before God’s work of redemption was accomplished in His Son. He now works in this world to convict men of sin and grant them repentance and faith in the Gospel. The Holy Spirit unites believers to Jesus Christ in faith, brings about the new birth, and dwells within us through regeneration. Through Him, the Church is guided in truth, and spiritual gifts are given to the Church for the common good of all believers. He is fully God, as are the Father and the Son.

Holy Scripture (The Bible)

The Bible is the infallible record of God’s revelation to man, which came directly from God (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Thus, the Scriptures are God-breathed and unerring. All believers are exhorted to study and apply the Scriptures to their lives. They are totally sufficient and must not be added to, superseded by, or changed by later tradition, extra-biblical revelation, or worldly wisdom. Whether of creed, confession, or theology, all doctrine must be founded on and tested by Scripture.

Man (Humanity)

Humanity was formed in the image and likeness of God. They were formed as both male and female, and both are a required part of the image of their Creator. Yet, the first of created mankind, Adam and Eve, rebelled, bringing sin into the world and creating enmity between mankind and God. This sin is born in all of mankind. It can only be redeemed through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ sent by God the Father and the inner workings of the grace of the Holy Spirit, without which humanity would be unable to reconcile with their Creator. Without this saving grace, all of humanity would be lost to sin and eternally separated from God.

The Gospel

The Gospel is the good news that God, through His Son, made a way for sinful man to be reconciled to Himself. The Gospel is the declaration of what God has done through Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension. Jesus’ death satisfies the righteous demands of God’s holy justice and punishment for our sins. It is the only way we are made right with God; through this, God’s amazing love is revealed. At the heart of all sound doctrine is the cross of Christ and the infinite privilege that we redeemed sinners have of glorifying God because of what He has accomplished.

Man's Response To The Gospel

It is the responsibility of every man and woman to respond to the truth of the Gospel, yet it is only through the will of God that they can do so. By God’s will, they are gifted with faith that they might seek repentance in order to be baptized and receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. 

Evidence of one’s acceptance of the Gospel is shown through acts of service and good works. It is not by works that we are saved, but by our works that our faith is proven and made known. It is the responsibility and joy of every believer who has been redeemed by the call of God the Father, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the inner working of the Holy Spirit to not only live a life in reflection of God, but also to preach the Gospel to all the nations.


Sanctification is the process in which every man and woman, through the inner workings of the Holy Spirit, continually put to death the sinful desires of their hearts and seek after the will of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ so that they may become more like Him. Though indwelling sin remains a reality, as the Spirit leads us, we progressively put to death sin and freely obey God’s commandments. Thus, we glorify God in our bodies and persevere, knowing that we will one day give an account to God for every thought, word, and deed. The spiritual disciplines, especially Bible study, prayer, public worship, and confession, are vital means of grace. Yet our ultimate confidence is based on God’s sure promise to preserve His people to the end.

Spirit Empowerment

The Holy Spirit empowers believers in Christian witness and service for the edification of the body and work of the ministry. As evidenced by Scripture, all of the spiritual gifts present in the first-century church are available today. They are to be earnestly sought after and practiced in accordance with Scriptural teaching.

The Church

Rather than a religious institution or physical building, the Church is a body of believers called to community with each other and fellowship with the triune God. Through Scripture and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, believers are called, instructed, and preserved to glorify the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in pursuit of God’s will and purposes. As a body, the Church is called to worship, discipleship, and preaching the Gospel. As followers of the one true God, all believers are called to local assembly and the embodiment of God’s kingdom on earth. For the work of ministry and the growth of maturity in the Church, God has appointed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers (Ephesians 4:11–12). Within the local church, God’s people receive pastoral care, leadership, and the opportunity to employ their God-given gifts in His service to one another and the world.

Ordinances Of The Church

According to Christ’s command, Christian baptism is immersion in the name of the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. Baptism does not regenerate, nor is it a mere symbol of our faith. It is an act of obedience through which a work of grace comes to the believer, uniting the believer to Jesus. By faith and repentance, the baptized one is joined with Christ in his death and resurrection. Just as God uses the earthly elements of bread and wine in the Lord’s Supper to impart a spiritual benefit, so also water, while having no magical properties in itself, is used by God to affect a spiritual benefit. Water baptism is only intended for the individual who has received the saving benefits of Christ’s atoning work and has become a disciple. 

The Lord’s Supper is to be observed only by those who have joined Christ through faith and repentance. It serves as a means of reminding the believer that he or she continues to partake of the saving benefits of Christ’s atonement. Those who partake should always examine themselves to ensure they are partaking in it properly. Each time a believer participates in the Lord’s Supper, he or she proclaims the Lord’s death until He comes.

The Second Coming Of Christ

Scripture shows that Christ will one day return. All true believers will be raised and glorified at this time, both dead and living. This glorification is the final stage in human salvation when our lowly bodies are transformed into the body of His glory. At Christ’s coming, Satan and all his hosts, along with all those who have rejected the truth of the Gospel, will be separated from the presence of Christ and endure eternal punishment. In turn, those who have been united with Christ will live and reign with Him forever, serving Him and giving Him unending praise. Then shall the earth and all created things give glory to Him who makes all things new.

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