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Can We Talk? Perversion + Sex + LGBTQ

November 14, 2023
Tyler Lynde
Pastor Tyler Lynde addresses the complex issues of perversion, sex, and LGBTQ, exploring God's design and our societal deviations. A compelling call to faith-based living.

In this profound sermon, Pastor Tyler Lynde delves into the complexities of sexuality, marriage, and societal norms through the lens of faith. Addressing the sobering realities of Romans 1:18-32, Tyler challenges us to consider God’s divine design and how far society has strayed from it. At the heart of Tyler’s sermon is the sacred bond of matrimony, a holy commitment that transcends mere social contracts. This perspective is critical in understanding how deviations from God’s plan, including societal acceptance of sexual sins like fornication and adultery, lead to chaos.

Tyler doesn’t shy away from tough questions: Why does God show mercy to some while wrath towards others? How does Satan’s pursuit to mislead humanity manifest in our world today, especially in the realm of sexuality? These reflections open a window into the earthly and eternal consequences of denying God’s truth. We’re reminded that the path to liberation from these sins isn’t through restriction, but through embracing God’s law as a source of true freedom. Tyler highlights the importance of viewing our relationship with God as the cornerstone of our lives, influencing our actions and beliefs, especially in areas as personal as sexuality.

In “Can We Talk? Perversion + Sex + LGBTQ,” Tyler invites us on a journey of enlightenment and transformation. It’s a call to examine our adherence to God’s divine plan and to consider whether we are part of the societal problem or part of the solution. This sermon is an invitation to a deeper understanding and a renewed commitment to living a life that honors God’s design.