1 Peter 2 | An Undeniable Hope

by | Apr 24, 2019

The second chapter of 1st Peter is so rich with information about who we are and who this God we serve is; a mere blog could never do it justice. It covers a handful of major doctrines in a way that is so encouraging and at the same time is overwhelming. The letter is timely in that Peter is writing to an audience that is both confused and persecuted. They need answers! The good news is Peter literally serves as a conduit for God by living the very words out that would become scripture. Peter was known as “The Apostle of Hope”; his primary message is to trust and obey regardless of circumstances. Suffering is to be expected, but it is temporary! That’s important because if we think it will never end, then hope becomes a rare commodity.

Take a look at verse 9. ” But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of the darkness into his marvelous light.” He starts off telling us of things that sound too incredible to be true, how can a man or woman born 2000 years later from Peoria or Toledo be a member of a royal priesthood or a chosen race. No wonder we are constantly reminded in Scripture to believe what it says. It simply sounds too good to be true!

It does come at a price, first the atoning sacrifice on the cross
and ultimately our obedience or sanctification that will be
worked out all the days of our lives until Glory.

In between is the most amazing doctrine that is conceivable “Justification”. This is how the unbelievable becomes believable! I will mention the two main threads because it would take volumes to unpack the entire doctrine. First, the work of Christ cleanses us by declaring us righteous, which in and of itself, is amazing that we could stand before God holy and blameless. Second, it makes it appear that we have always obeyed God! WOW! How can that be? We know what we have done, what we have thought, how we have fallen short and yet through justification we gain the ability to be with our Savior forever. That my friend is hope and Peter was right to have it, and extend hope to others.

So my takeaway is this. You cannot fully understand your hope unless you know who you are in Christ and who you were without Christ. When we realize how desperately inadequate we are, we can understand how great the gift from God is.