Snow Plan

Snow Plan

Hello Trinity,
With the possibility of bad weather coming our way this weekend, we decided to prepare a Plan B for this Sunday if it is necessary. Obviously, Plan A is for the weather to not turn as bad as what they are saying and for us to be able to gather together on the Lord’s Day for service. Let’s pray for that. But, if that becomes an unsafe option, we are going to livestream the service from our home to you. You heard me right. We are going to have church via the world wide web :). My family and I are going to ask you to join us for our family devotion time. We believe that you will have a great time with the Lord as you participate whether you are an individual or a family.

We will send out an email and post on Facebook and our website if we are NOT having service at the building on Sunday. Please be looking for notifications in one of those 3 ways. In order to prepare to join us if necessary, Pastor Kelly has provided step by step instructions on how to LOGIN to the service so that you can participate. It would be best if you would make those preparations ahead of time so that you won’t be trying to get ready and miss out on our time together. He’s also posted an email address so that if you have further questions, he can assist you with them. Also, please be prepared to take communion in your homes sometime during the service. If Plan B is needed, we will begin promptly at 10:30AM and if you have questions or comments during the service you can text them to my phone at 8653239372. Make sure that you put your name in the text if I don’t already have your phone number.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday one way or another! We love you and we are so thankful for what God is doing at TCC. Below are the livestream instructions:
Note: This works for any computer type (Windows, Mac, other). You will just need a working internet connection to access the web service.

Livestream Event pages work on most major browsers on Windows and Mac OS X.
We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari when viewing Livestream from your computer. It’s best to update your browser whenever possible.
Please make sure to enable cookies and turn off pop-up blocker when viewing events on Livestream.
From your computer, open a web browser (your Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox or other) and go to the Trinity website at
From the Trinity website, click on the ‘WATCH live streaming’ link located near the top right of the webpage. This will take you to the Livestream links page.
Before using Livestream, you will need to register for a free account. At the top of the Livestream links page in red, click on ‘BROADCAST LIVE’. This will take you to the Livestream page. Click on ‘GET STARTED’ in red near the top of the page, which takes you to their registration page. Click on ‘TRY A FREE ACCOUNT’ and complete the ‘Create Your Account’ form or if you have registered previously click on ‘LOGIN’.
Once registered you can log in and choose the ‘BROADCAST LIVE’ to connect to the Trinity Community Church live broadcast.
If you have problems or questions please email and someone will contact you as soon as possible.


Tyler Lynde

Trinity Community Church