Work is an opportunity for ministry


  1. Linda Ward

    Tyler, our precious dear brother friend and pastor every one of the sermons that you preach(and of course all of the brothers friends and pastors ROCK ) and teach us ( yes we are far away in The Deep South of Louisiana we are always there in Spirit and Praise our Lord that we can watch TCC via online) this message was so powerful and I really needed everything that you taught us I Thank God and you. If there is anyway that you can email me ” the prayer that you pray every morning ” please I will be so blessed and thankful for it. Claude and I will always call TCC our home church (we are in the process of remodeling a church and we are growing stronger in God we have been completely Transformed HALLELUJAH!!!) it started in Knoxville with every one of you Mighty Men of God God chose each of you Pastors/Elders and The Body of Christ to help mold us into the children of God that we are today. Again this message was so powerful your jokes are almost as funny as Neil’s ( yep almost hahaha a few more years you might get it but I will always be cheering you on lol ) we love and miss our TCC family in Christ our prayers are faithfully being said daily. In His Love Claude and Linda ( and CONGRATULATIONS too you and our beautiful precious sweet friend and sister in Christ Amy on the marriage of our precious blessings Joel and Hannah )

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