The Gospel Of Mark – The Significance Of The Cross To The Believer Today

The Gospel Of Mark – The Significance Of The Cross To The Believer Today

Join us for the final sermon in our series “The Gospel Of Mark” as Pastor Derrick explores “The Significance of the Cross to the Believer Today”. Dive into the resurrection accounts across the Gospels, understand why Jesus had to rise from the dead, the eternal implications of His resurrection, and its meaning for believers today, anchored in Romans 10:9.

Imagine standing at the tomb of Jesus, witnessing the miraculous sight of the stone rolled away and the empty grave. Join us as we unravel the awe-inspiring details of the Gospel of Mark’s account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through the eyes of Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome, we uncover the profound impact of the resurrection on both history and our own lives.

But what if Jesus hadn’t risen from the grave? We dive into the unimaginable implications of a world where the entire Christian faith would crumble, and the debt of sin would remain unpaid. With a thoughtful examination of Jesus’ triumph over death, we reveal the undeniable proof of his divine identity and the infinite power of his sacrifice.

Lastly, we explore the life-changing opportunity to have an intimate relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and the incredible gift of becoming adopted sons and daughters of God. In the spirit of celebration and gratitude, we pray for spreading God’s word and transforming lives worldwide.

This 3-part series delves into the book of Mark, examining the identity of Christ as both the authoritative Son of God and the redemptive Suffering Servant. We explore how these two aspects were integral to Jesus’ earthly ministry and the reasons behind Mark’s choice to emphasize them in his writing. Additionally, we consider the relevance of these themes to our lives today. We pray God encounters you wherever you’re at.


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