The Gospel Of Mark – The Jesus Circle

The Gospel Of Mark – The Jesus Circle

Kelly Kinder is leading us in studying Mark 3:7-35 in today’s sermon “The Jesus Circle”. Jesus’ first disciples were blamed for having “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). Why has the American Church of the last 50 years, by most accounts, failed in its mission to impact the culture for the gospel? How could this be? And what’s gone wrong with the American Church?

This 3-part series delves into the book of Mark, examining the identity of Christ as both the authoritative Son of God and the redemptive Suffering Servant. We explore how these two aspects were integral to Jesus’ earthly ministry and the reasons behind Mark’s choice to emphasize them in his writing. Additionally, we consider the relevance of these themes to our lives today. We pray God encounters you wherever you’re at.


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