Solving Kingdom Problems

Solving Kingdom Problems

Have you ever been surprised when problems come up in the local church?  It appears that problems have always been a reality for the church from the very beginning; however, what is really important is how those problems are handled and solved.  In this message we read about a problem that had come to the early church that needed to be resolved and was resolved in a God-honoring way.  Through the narrative in Acts 6, we will see three truths emerge about problems in the church and what our responsibility is both corporately and individually.  

The purpose of this series, “The Ripple Effect,” is to learn more about the life of Jesus and the story of the early church through the writings of Luke. Having looked at some of the highlights of the Gospel of Luke earlier this year, we now will turn our attention to his 2nd writing, the book of Acts. This book follows the history of the Holy Spirit’s influence on the early church and the beginning of the spreading of the Gospel to the corners of the earth. The book of Acts ends abruptly because the mission of the church is ongoing and is to be continued in our day and time by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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