Shipwrecked & Snake Bit, But Heaven Sent

Shipwrecked & Snake Bit, But Heaven Sent

The title of this message is “Shipwrecked & snake bit, but heaven sent” and it’s all about how Paul obeyed the call of God on his life no matter what the cost was. It has been 30 years since Christ ascended into heaven and the Gospel has reached much of the known world, but Paul wasn’t satisfied until he could take the message to Rome and hopefully even Spain. His means of getting there wouldn’t have been Paul’s first choice, but he wasn’t deterred by the difficulty of the journey. Wherever Christ would send him, he would go. While living in a broken and tattered world, we are to be beacons of light and hope to those that we are doing life with no matter the circumstance!

This message is part of our series “The Ripple Effect.” The purpose of this series is to learn more about the life of Jesus and the story of the early church through the writings of Luke. Having looked at some of the highlights of the Gospel of Luke earlier this year, we now will turn our attention to his 2nd writing, the book of Acts. This book follows the history of the Holy Spirit’s influence on the early church and the beginning of the spreading of the Gospel to the corners of the earth. The book of Acts ends abruptly because the mission of the church is ongoing and is to be continued in our day and time by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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