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TCC Jubilee Celebration – The Present – Carrying The Bones Of Joseph

June 2, 2024
Clem Ferris
Clem Ferris delivers an inspiring message at Trinity Community Church's 50th anniversary, urging us to carry our spiritual legacy forward. Drawing from Genesis 50, he highlights the importance of foundational truths in shaping our future.

As Trinity Community Church celebrates its 50th anniversary, we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, honoring the legacy they left and carrying it into a future filled with promise. Clem Ferris, in his recent sermon, poignantly reminded us of the significance of carrying the “bones” of our spiritual heritage forward.

Clem’s journey into full-time ministry began unexpectedly 42 years ago when he and his wife encountered the Holy Spirit at a small church in Sheridan, Wyoming. This encounter radically changed their lives, leading them to a path of service and deep connection with God and His people. This spirit of radical transformation is a cornerstone of Trinity’s story as well.

Reflecting on the Biblical narrative, Clem drew a powerful parallel from Genesis 50, where Joseph asked the Israelites to carry his bones to the Promised Land. This act symbolized faith in God’s continual guidance and the importance of remembering foundational truths. For Trinity, these “bones” represent the core values and spiritual truths that have shaped our community: the baptism of the Holy Spirit, dynamic worship, five-fold ministry, and a commitment to small group discipleship.

Clem’s message is clear: while flesh and human efforts may falter, the bones—the enduring structures of God’s work—remain. We are called to carry these forward, embracing reformation and change while holding fast to what has been proven true and powerful. This journey requires us to reform our internal structures continually, ensuring they align with God’s current move and the needs of the world around us.

As we move into the next season, let’s be mindful of the bones we carry. They are not just relics of the past but the very framework upon which God will build our future. Our mission is to remain adaptable, reforming our methods to stay in step with God’s plan while honoring the legacy that brought us here.

Join us as we celebrate our past, embrace our present, and anticipate a future filled with God’s promises. Let’s carry the bones forward, ensuring Trinity continues to be a beacon of faith, transformation, and God’s enduring power.