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Reflection – The Darkness

December 3, 2023
Scott Wiens
Discover the profound impact of Jesus' incarnation in 'The Darkness,' the first sermon of the 'Reflection' series by Pastor Scott Wiens.

As we step into the joyous season of Christmas, Pastor Scott Wiens inaugurates our “Reflection” series with a compelling sermon titled “The Darkness.” This message invites us to contemplate a profound question: What would our world look like without the light of Jesus Christ? It’s a journey that takes us through the shadows of human depravity to the radiant hope brought forth by the incarnation.

In “The Darkness,” Scott explores the stark contrast between a life engulfed in sin and the transformative power of Christ’s birth. He draws from the rich prophetic insights of Isaiah, along with the teachings of Jeremiah and Mark, guiding us through a scriptural voyage that reveals the depth of our fallen state. It’s an exploration of the heart as the birthplace of sin and the subsequent barriers it erects between us and God.

As we delve deeper, Scott challenges us to face the uncomfortable truths about our nature. The heart, deceitful and desperately wicked, is often a source of transgression. Yet, it is through acknowledging this darkness within that we can truly appreciate the necessity and beauty of Jesus’ incarnation. He then navigates through the concept of God’s common grace – the blessings we encounter daily, a testament to God’s unwavering goodness amidst our flawed existence.

This sermon is not just a reflection on the darkness of sin but also a celebration of the light that Jesus brings into our world. Scott masterfully ties the themes of repentance, redemption, and the incredible significance of the incarnation. He emphasizes how Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection offer a pathway to reconcile with God, tearing down the walls built by sin.

“The Darkness” sets the tone for our Christmas series, reminding us of the extraordinary event of God taking on flesh to dwell among us. It’s a call to embrace the light of Christ, to move from the shadows of sin into the brilliance of His grace and truth.

As we journey through this festive season, let us reflect on the profound impact of Jesus’ incarnation. Let this sermon be an invitation to understand the depth of human depravity and the immeasurable love and light of Jesus Christ that pierces through it, offering hope and renewal to all.