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Everything Is Meaningless – Under The Sun Or Under The Son?

July 9, 2023
Scott Wiens
Join Pastor Scott's sermon on Ecclesiastes, exploring Solomon's pursuit of wisdom and wealth contrasted with life's true fulfillment in Christ. We examine the vanity of worldly pursuits and the enriching journey of living 'under the Son', seeking divine meaning in life's complexities.

Join us as we embark on a contemplative journey with Pastor Scott in this enlightening sermon. We dive into the enigmatic world of Ecclesiastes, exploring the existential dilemmas faced by Solomon – the pursuit of wisdom, wealth, and self-indulgence and the eventual realization of their ephemeral nature. This thought-provoking discourse, aptly titled “Under the Sun or Under the Son,” contrasts the emptiness of life ‘under the sun’ with the fulfilling life experienced ‘under the Son’ – under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Throughout this exploration, we delve into the implications of chasing the American dream, unmasking the potential hollow results of such worldly pursuits. We draw parallels with the inspiring life of Richard Wormbrandt, illustrating the strength of faith amidst adversity and the steadfast joy derived from a God-centered life. Together, we ponder on the pitfalls of seeking pleasure, labor, and wisdom without God, and the profound emptiness it can leave us with.

As we further explore the philosophical themes of nihilism and existence, we discover that the ultimate meaning in life is found not in earthly pursuits but in the divine sovereignty of God, as revealed in the final findings of Solomon in Ecclesiastes. This sermon aims to illuminate God’s unique and indispensable role in our quest for lasting happiness and fulfillment, challenging us to consider Jesus Christ above all other pursuits.

Listen in for a sermon that beautifully weaves together stories of faith, philosophical insights, and the wisdom of Solomon to deliver a poignant message on the true essence of existence. It’s an exploration that will undoubtedly leave you reflecting deeply on life’s purpose, the quest for happiness, and the ultimate source of fulfillment. Join us, as we transcend the vanity of life ‘under the sun’ and embrace the fulfilling journey of life ‘under the Son’.

In this sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes, we explore life’s richness and complexity, a divine gift laden with both blessings and trials. The quest for contentment often leads us to chase the insubstantial – wealth, pleasure, status, relationships – akin to chasing the wind. Ecclesiastes prompts us to ponder life’s fleeting nature and seek a higher purpose. As followers of Jesus, we rest in the hope of God’s sovereignty and justice, trusting that He will make all things right. Join us on this journey of faith, hope, and contentment as we dive into the thought provoking book of Ecclesiastes.