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Can We Talk? Sexuality

November 5, 2023
Tyler Lynde
Join Tyler Lynde in a bold exploration of sexuality through God’s lens, uncovering the truth and healing offered in Christ. Rediscover the sanctity of His design for our lives.

Pastor Tyler Lynde delivers a thought-provoking message on the complex subject of sexuality in the sermon “Can We Talk? Sexuality,” part of the series “Can We Talk? Addressing The Uncomfortable.” This sermon aims to recalibrate our understanding of human sexuality to align with the vision God revealed through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Discover how we can sift through the rubble of our past experiences and the narratives imposed by society to find the truth of God’s Word.

Throughout the sermon, we delve into the ways Satan distorts the truth, inciting doubt and leading us off course from God’s intended design for our sexuality. The sermon is enriched with personal narratives of forgiveness, healing, and the unfailing love of God, demonstrating the journey to a more profound comprehension and acceptance of God’s design for our lives. We approach the difficult topic of healing from sexual wounds, underscoring that while the journey is challenging, it is not one we face alone. The sermon provides insights on the necessity of forgiveness, the courage to seek assistance, and the path to living in the fullness of God’s grace. Moreover, Pastor Lynde addresses the steadfastness required to uphold God’s blueprint for sexuality. This divine plan, deeply rooted in scripture, illuminates the sanctity of marriage, the sacred act of sex within a godly union, and the paramount importance of sexual purity.

The sermon closes with a powerful supplication for healing, forgiveness, and safeguarding. This prayer serves to remind us of God’s encompassing love, mercy, and grace, supporting us on our quest to comprehend and embrace His intentions for our sexuality. In summary, the sermon “Can We Talk? Sexuality” invites us to journey through a complex terrain shaped by societal influences, personal experiences, and falsehoods spread by the enemy. Yet, through the Word of God, we can recover the original purity of God’s design, encounter healing and forgiveness, and stand steadfast in our conviction. The path may be fraught with challenges, but through God’s grace, we are empowered to rise above deception and welcome the enduring truth about God’s plans for our sexuality.