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Can We Talk? Identity + Design

November 19, 2023
Kelly Kinder
Explore the depths of identity and design with Pastor Kelly Kinder in "Can We Talk?" A sermon journey to rediscover our true selves in God's image.

In our latest sermon, “Can We Talk? Identity + Design,” Pastor Kelly Kinder invites us on an introspective journey, exploring the profound question, “Who am I?” This sermon unravels the complex tapestry of identity, interweaving personal narratives, biblical insights, and the ever-evolving concept of cultural identity.

Kelly begins by sharing the story of a classmate who lost his memory, using this as a metaphor for the reset needed in our self-perception. He draws parallels with the nation of Israel, whose identity crisis and subsequent moral decline offer a poignant example of the dangers of forgetting our true identity and purpose. The sermon delves into how cultural identity has shifted dramatically over the last 50 years. Kelly addresses the rise of individuality, self-expression, and relativism, highlighting how these societal changes can cloud our judgment of right and wrong. He discusses the potentially harmful effects of a self-centered approach to identity, particularly concerning gender and family structures.

A significant part of the discussion focuses on the role of social media in shaping and perpetuating distorted views of identity. In a world where online platforms often echo our biases, Kelly emphasizes the importance of seeking truth beyond digital narratives. In the latter part, Kelly tackles the challenge of engaging in meaningful conversations with those holding differing views, such as the LGBTQ+ community. He advocates for dialogues that foster understanding and respect, even in a culture that may appear resistant.

The sermon concludes with a powerful reminder: our true identity is found in God. Amidst cultural chaos, we can find solace and certainty in our faith, knowing we are created in the image of God. As Christians, we are called to be heroes in times of moral and spiritual crisis, standing firm in our beliefs and positively impacting the world.