Sermons (Page 37)

Sermons (Page 37)

We believe that a vital purpose of the Church is the stewardship of the Gospel message. A part of how we do this is by sharing the Word in sermons. We invite you to listen and watch here; every sermon is FREE and reflects the heart of what we believe.

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A Church Without Jesus (Prelude to A Kingdom Culture)

In the book of Revelation, you know that in the first part of that letter Jesus moves among his churches and tells them what he Sees. The thing that each church is measured by is, “How much of an affect they are having on the culture?” It seems as the Lord moves among his churches that either the church is being affected by the culture or else is affecting the culture. The scariest thing is that each church might think they are doing fine, but then learn that that is not the Lord’s verdict.
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The Word Proclaimed

God has communicated with us through His Word, Jesus Christ. The Word was promised, became a real Person, and is a King like no other. Pastor Tyler discusses the implications of God’s Word to us.
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The Word: Child, King, Savior

From Matthew, Pastor Mark discusses Jesus as Child, King and Savior. “He became a child to make me a child; He is a King that I might be part of His kingdom; He became a Savior because I needed one.”
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The Coming Word

Scripture Text: John 1.1-18 I’m excited this morning to continue our series on The Word. As you know, each week we’re taking a look at the coming of Christ (or the Christmas story) as recorded in each of the four gospels. Last week, we looked at the Word Promised from Matthew. Now, this morning, we will look at the Word Made Flesh; the account from the Gospel of John. Our Need of Rescue We are all hopelessly in trouble unless…
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The Word Promised

Scripture: Matthew 1:1-17 INTRODUCTION Many of you know that the first person I ever heard the Gospel from was my older brother, who had been a drug addict and was dynamited into the kingdom in the revival of the 70‘s. Yet, I have a vivid memory of something happening to me as a very young boy in my neighborhood in Philadelphia. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in Philadelphia but all my friends were Italian (we use to dip…
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Stand Firm

From I Peter 5:6-12, Pastor Neil speaks about how, though Christians must be watchful against our adversary the devil who looks for any opportunity to destroy us, we can stand firm and that God restores, confirms, strengthens and establishes.