Sermons (Page 3)

Sermons (Page 3)

We believe that a vital purpose of the Church is the stewardship of the Gospel message. A part of how we do this is by sharing the Word in sermons. We invite you to listen and watch here; every sermon is FREE and reflects the heart of what we believe.

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I, Daniel: Passed the Test

For the first message in our new sermon series, I, Daniel, Tyler leads us in a fresh dive into the Book of Daniel and remembers the faithfulness of our sovereign God through passing ages!

Faithful Finish

This Easter, we take a look at Hebrews 12:1-2. All of humanity is running a race on 1 of 2 roads, and this passage should give followers of Jesus inspiration to finish the spiritual race that we are in faithfully. The wide path is easy but ends in destruction. The narrow path is challenging but leads to eternal life. Jesus is our ultimate example. He endured more than any human while running His race and was joyfully committed to the…

Connected: The True Lord’s Prayer

This message focuses on the true Lord’s Prayer found in John 17. The traditional Lord’s Prayer found in the Gospels could more accurately be entitled the disciple’s prayer as Jesus was teaching them how to pray. Jesus asks for three basic things in His prayer to His Father:  That He would be glorified in order to return to His Father and continue to bring glory to Him.  That His disciples would be protected from the evil one and continue to…

Connected: Overcoming the World

Jesus reassures His disciples that He has already overcome the world by living a perfect life and resisting satan’s temptation. In the mind of God, it was a foregone conclusion that Jesus would finish the work at the cross. Jesus also let His followers know that they were getting ready to desert Him in His darkest hour, but that He wouldn’t be alone because His Father was with Him. We have the opportunity to overcome the world as well because…

Connected – Seeing Jesus

As Jesus continues to explain to his disciples what is about ready to happen in the next few days, they are still confused in large part. Jesus is telling them these things not just so that they will understand fully now, but so they will believe when they occur. He says to them that they have seen Him up to this point for what He does. He then says they will see Him for who He is after the cross…

Connected: Holy Spirit

Jesus prepared His disciples for His departure by reminding them it is to their advantage that He leave so that Holy Spirit could come.