Sermons (Page 3)

Sermons (Page 3)

We believe that a vital purpose of the Church is the stewardship of the Gospel message. A part of how we do this is by sharing the Word in sermons. We invite you to listen and watch here; every sermon is FREE and reflects the heart of what we believe.

You can also see our service live streams on our Youtube channel here.

Connected: The Vine Life

In this powerful metaphor, Jesus describes the pathway to fruitfulness for His disciples. We must be firmly connected to Jesus, who is the vine and the source of our very life in God. We will face times of pruning when the Father uses circumstances in this life to optimize our ability to produce fruit. When we recognize the fact that we are in Christ and Christ is in us the benefits are indescribable.

Connected: Peace For the Journey

Anxiety. Depression. We live in a real-world with real-world crisis and fears, and we long for peace in our day-to-day lives. In this message, Tyler shares how we can find stability in the true peace of God through Jesus Christ.

Connected: Help is on the Way

As shocking as it must have been for His disciples to hear that Jesus was leaving them very soon, it was equally comforting for them to know that help was on the way in the person of the Holy Spirit. He would comfort, encourage, and remind them of the truth that Jesus had taught them. He would dwell with them as Jesus did, but He would also dwell in them, empowering them and equipping them to obey Christ’s commandments.

Connected: An Introduction

This week we are beginning a brand new sermon series called “Connected”. We will be studying Jesus’ words to His disciples before He endured the suffering and death that He has promised would occur before He was raised from the dead on the third day. His words are full of life and hope, along with warnings concerning difficult days ahead. The bottom line is that we must remain connected to Jesus to be fruitful in this life, despite whatever trouble…

Nations Prophetic Perspective

Clem Ferris shares vital core assumptions in this important message that help guide us in the all-important ministry of prophecy when it comes to a global prophetic perspective. First, God is Sovereign overall. Second, His kingdom is larger than the kingdoms of this world, and He isn’t singularly motivated by a nation’s politics. Third, He wants to partner with us by empowering us to be witnesses to all nations. To connect with Clem, check out

2021 Vision Sunday

In this service, there is a challenge given to not get pulled into the political fray but instead to trust and represent Christ as the ultimate King. The message that follows is an in-depth look at the parable of the Good Samaritan. This year we believe that instead of letting people know how great TCC is, we will let the community know how much Jesus cares about them! We finished the service with some practical steps that we will take…