Sermons by Neil Silverberg

Sermons by Neil Silverberg

Neil Silverberg was born in 1953 and was raised in a Jewish home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before moving to Miami, Florida as a teenager. He first heard the Gospel from his brother Perry who was saved and delivered from drug use by the power of God. Neil heard the Gospel and in 1971, surrendered his life to the call of God. Immediately, he sensed a call to the work of God and began to prepare for it. Since that time, Neil pastored several churches and has and continues to travel widely both in the U.S. and abroad. Neil is a gifted teacher with a deep knowledge of Scripture whose teaching gift has helped many. Neil currently serves as the team leader for MasterBuilders, a network of New Testament churches in the US, Puerto Rico and The Dominican Republic. Neil and his wife Shelly have three sons, Micah, Joel and David.

Rhythms Of Grace – Biblical Meditation

Neil continues in the second week of our new sermon series “Rhythms Of Grace”, where he will be talking about the importance of meditating night and day, and how even in our busy lives we must make time to dwell on scripture. We pray God encounters you wherever you’re at.

Connected: The True Lord’s Prayer

This message focuses on the true Lord’s Prayer found in John 17. The traditional Lord’s Prayer found in the Gospels could more accurately be entitled the disciple’s prayer as Jesus was teaching them how to pray. Jesus asks for three basic things in His prayer to His Father:  That He would be glorified in order to return to His Father and continue to bring glory to Him.  That His disciples would be protected from the evil one and continue to…

Connected: An Introduction

This week we are beginning a brand new sermon series called “Connected”. We will be studying Jesus’ words to His disciples before He endured the suffering and death that He has promised would occur before He was raised from the dead on the third day. His words are full of life and hope, along with warnings concerning difficult days ahead. The bottom line is that we must remain connected to Jesus to be fruitful in this life, despite whatever trouble…