Sermons by Kelly Kinder

Sermons by Kelly Kinder

A Knoxville native, Kelly is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and Southwestern Seminary, in Fort Worth, TX., He has pastored churches in West and East Tennessee and as a church planter. He has a passion for faithfully communicating God’s word and showing how its truths apply to daily living. His desire is to see the gospel transferred to succeeding generations.

Kelly and his wife, Nickie, have five children – Eric, Laura, Alyssa, Andrew, and Chad.

The Gospel Of Mark – Better One, Better Two?

Thanks for joining us! Today, Kelly looks at how Peter’s great confession of Christ in Mark 8 was spot on, but yet was lacking on another level. How does a clearer view of who Jesus is affect how we live our lives today? This 3-part series delves into the book of Mark, examining the identity of Christ as both the authoritative Son of God and the redemptive Suffering Servant. We explore how these two aspects were integral to Jesus’ earthly…

The Gospel Of Mark – The Jesus Circle

Kelly Kinder is leading us in studying Mark 3:7-35 in today’s sermon “The Jesus Circle”. Jesus’ first disciples were blamed for having “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). Why has the American Church of the last 50 years, by most accounts, failed in its mission to impact the culture for the gospel? How could this be? And what’s gone wrong with the American Church? This 3-part series delves into the book of Mark, examining the identity of Christ as…

Rhythms Of Grace – Listening

Kelly is leading this week of our sermon series “Rhythms Of Grace”. God is speaking, but are we listening? God often speaks in a whisper, and in this message on Solitude and Silence, Pastor Kelly reminds us of God’s invitation to come to the quiet to hear God’s voice. We pray God encounters you wherever you’re at.

Rhythms Of Grace – Fasting

We are so glad to have you join us! Kelly continues our series “Rhythms of Grace” where we will be taking a look at fasting. In our consumerist society, fasting is often mentioned for its benefits to physical health, but the bible speaks almost exclusively about its benefits to our spiritual health. Biblical fasting is one of the most neglected means of grace. This next message in our series calls us to reconsider its value in the chaotic times in…

Day Of The Lord – The Only Place Of Refuge

In our final message in our Joel series, Kelly Kinder reminds us how God rescues his people from spiritual failure and assures us of his covenant love in a message entitled, “The Only Place of Refuge.” We pray God encounters you wherever you’re at.

Day Of The Lord – Between Now… Then

Kelly Kinder continues our series on the book of Joel “Day Of The Lord”. Today we will be studying Joel 2:1-12, and taking a look at how to make sense of the extraordinary times we live in.

I Am: The True Vine

Kelly Kinder wraps up our series, “I AM”, with a message called “The True Vine”. This series takes a step back as we look and listen to what God says about Himself and His different attributes.