Sermons by Derrick Overholt

Sermons by Derrick Overholt

Derrick Overholt has been a partner at Trinity since 2002 and has faithfully served the body as assistant youth minister, youth band leader, sound and video person since 2004. In October 2012, Derrick and his wife Meghann became the leaders of Radical Youth Ministries and have a strong vision of leading the youth of today to truly know the Word of God and to have a strong foundation in the Gospel. They have a heart for the body and are involved in many areas other than youth, such as the worship, nursery and house church leader teams. They have three children, Elisha who went home to our Father in July 2011, their daughter Alixandria and their newest arrival who is coming in January of 2019.

Stable – Joy

Derrick continues this week in our Christmas sermon series “Stable” with his sermon on choosing Joy. We pray God encounters you wherever you’re at

Rhythms Of Grace – Worship

Derrick continues in our series “Rhythms of Grace”. This week, we are looking at what worship really is, why it’s important, and how we can worship not only by the songs we sing but by our actions and lives. We pray God encounters you wherever you’re at.

Greater Than – God’s Gifted Apparel

We are so glad to have you join us! This week, we’re continuing our series on the book of Colossians, “Greater Than”. Today’s message, “God’s Gifted Apparel”, is brought by Derrick Overholt. We pray God encounters you wherever you’re at.

I AM: The Way

Derrick Overholt leads week 5 in our series, “I AM”, with a message called “The Way”. This series takes a step back as we look and listen to what God says about Himself and His different attributes.
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