Sermons by Clem Ferris

Sermons by Clem Ferris

Guest Speaker Clem Ferris Sermon Title Thumbnail - Trained In The Struggle By Sanctifying Grace

Guest Speaker – Clem Ferris – Trained In The Struggle By Sanctifying Grace

Join us for this week’s sermon with our guest speaker, Clem Ferris, as we unpack spiritual growth and church health. Clem talks about the power of grace, the idea of God’s waiting room, and how taking a break can be good for church leaders. We’ll also touch on how small groups, communion, and movements like the Asbury outpouring can strengthen our faith. Clem will help us understand how grace, as mentioned in Titus 2:11-14, can guide us to live better…
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Am I Generous?

We’re so glad to be welcoming back guest speaker Clem Ferris, as he shares today’s message “Am I Generous?”. We are looking at John 12:1-8, and dive into the importance of giving and how we can give. You can learn more about Clem and his ministry at:

Nations Prophetic Perspective

Clem Ferris shares vital core assumptions in this important message that help guide us in the all-important ministry of prophecy when it comes to a global prophetic perspective. First, God is Sovereign overall. Second, His kingdom is larger than the kingdoms of this world, and He isn’t singularly motivated by a nation’s politics. Third, He wants to partner with us by empowering us to be witnesses to all nations. To connect with Clem, check out