Can We Talk? Resources

Can We Talk? Addressing the Uncomfortable Title

How can we prepare for hard topics and real life?

In a realm of diverse views, Trinity Community Church presents the sermon series “Can We Talk” to foster a space of exploration and discussion. Our resource page is here to accompany you, offering insights on challenging topics. We don’t have all the answers, but we aim to come alongside you wherever you find yourself on life’s journey. Your questions and reflections are warmly welcomed as we engage with life’s hard questions, seeking to understand together through the lens of Jesus Christ and the Bible’s wisdom.

Sermon Graphic for the Sermon "Can We Talk? Truth + Love", with questions on it like "How do I discover truth?" "Is truth actually absolute?" "Why does humility matter?"

Week 1 Resources – Truth + Love

Tyler Lynde

Join Tyler Lynde in the first installment of our new series, “Can We Talk? Addressing The Uncomfortable.” Explore the challenges and confusion surrounding truth in our culture and discover how to navigate it with Biblical clarity. 

Sermon Graphic for the Sermon "Can We Talk? Love + God's Standard", with questions on it like "How do I show love to my family?" "How can I address issues in love?" "Love=Emotions?"

Week 2 Resources – Love + God’s Standard

Tyler Lynde

Join Pastor Tyler Lynde in this week’s sermon, “Can We Talk? Love + God’s Standard,” as he explores the balance between truth and love. Drawing from Ephesians and John, Tyler offers a transformative look into love, truth, and Christian maturity.

Sermon Graphic for the Sermon "Can We Talk? Family + Communication", with questions on it like "How do I ask my parents questions?" "How do I talk to my kids about issues?" "Why is structure important?"

Week 3 Resources – Family + Communication

Derrick Overholt & John Graner

Dive into the “Can We Talk? Addressing The Uncomfortable” series with Pastors Derrick Overholt and John Garner. This week, they focus on Family + Communication, providing actionable tips and spiritual insights to improve your family bonds.

Sermon Graphic for the Sermon "Can We Talk? Sexuality", with questions on it like "Why is sex important?" "What is true sexual freedom?" "Isn't it my choice?"

Week 4 Resources – Sexuality

Tyler Lynde

Join Tyler Lynde in a bold exploration of sexuality through God’s lens, uncovering the truth and healing offered in Christ. Rediscover the sanctity of His design for our lives.

Sermon Graphic for the Sermon "Can We Talk? Politics + Government", with questions on it like "Can Faith & politics coexist?" "What's God's view on government?" "How do I talk politics in love?"

Week 7 Resources – Politics + Government

Mark Medley

Explore the intersection of faith and politics in Pastor Mark Medley’s insightful sermon, ‘Can We Talk? Politics + Government,’ as the conclusion of our ‘Can We Talk?’ series.