House Churches

House Churches

House Churches represent the church’s fullest expression; they are small communities of people who gather weekly or every other week to live out the gospel together.

House Churches are an essential part of building community by staying connected and sharing life. They allow you to know others and be known, to care and be cared for. House Churches are how you can experience real community (belong), true discipleship (grow-up in Christ), and embrace God’s mission (serve) by sharing the Gospel with those who have not heard.

People choose House Churches based on common interests, life stage, or geographic location. While reasons for selecting a group may vary, the purpose is the same and a core part of TCC. Our desire is for every Trinity Community Church partner to be actively involved and committed to a House Church. Check out a full list of our house churches below! If you cannot attend a House Church due to health or other reasons, please check out our Virtual House Church!

James Boyd’s Clinton House Church

We are a kid friendly, fun loving group with a focus on worship, study, and prayer. We are also committed to blessing the Clinton community through outreach and service. You will be welcomed, loved, and valued here.

Derrick & Meghann Overholt’s Young Couples House Church

Our house church is a group of young married or almost married couples with or without children. (Childcare provided) We start with genuine fellowship and food, followed by a time of discussion and worship. Our heart is to encourage husbands and wives to be the spouses and parents that God has intended for them to be. Through Christ in us and the relationships he has given us, we can strengthen the future of the family in our homes and in…

Ben Jambor’s Northwest House Church

This house church will help young adults/20-somethings to develop a greater understanding of the importance of community within the body of Christ. With school and work demanding a great deal of attention at this stage in life, the goal will be to encourage believers that strong spiritual growth occurs with purposeful fellowship.  

Scott & Hedie Wiens’ Karns House Church

We are a group that is focused on building relationships and the thoughtful and sincere sharing of our Christian walks.We spend time talking about what is happening in our lives, discuss the sermons and share with each other encouragement and life lessons.  

Tyler and Amy Lynde’s North House Church

Our house church has a heart for people of all ages, and loves to spend time in community together. We’d love to have you join us!

Paul & Rhonda Queen’s West House Church

Our group consists of a core of 12-15 people mostly 50-75 years old and mostly long term Trinity partners. We meet at 6:30pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays and have a meal every time. We take the Lord’s Supper every meeting including the meal and elements.We have many mature Christians in our group and love having new faces join us. We are a loving and thoughtful group and our meeting are very interactive. We laugh a lot and cry…

John & Laura Graner’s North House Church

We are a lively group of individuals and families of varied ages, from teenagers to sixty somethings. Several families homeschool their children. Many of our teens are musically inclined. We have families in our group with children who have a heart for ministering to kids. We enjoy our time of food, fun and fellowship, and bible study. We are also wanting to focus on mission as a group. We love to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ , as well as…

Kelly & Nickie Kinder’s West House Church

We are a group that seeks to grow deeper in our walk with Christ, build loving relationships with one another, and share Christ with those around us.  We typically begin with a fun and encouraging meal together.