Hands and Feet Offering – Summer 2020

Hands and Feet Offering – Summer 2020

Our Hands and Feet Offering is an opportunity for TCC partners to give time, energy and money to local, national and international missions opportunities (beyond the normal 10% of our income that goes directly to missions.)

This year’s offering comes with many opportunities to pray, serve and give, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We ask you to look over these options and pray about how God would lead you to partner with us. You can go to the “giving” page of this website and designate your gift to the area of your choice.

I Will Pray

For Our Family

For people to come to faith in Christ, for families and for missions opportunities and for the health of our TCC body of believers

Devoted: A Summer for Prayer 

Devoted is a focused prayer initiative that utilizes social media to bring together the entire body at TCC for strategic prayer. We will pray methodically throughout the summer for relationships, growth and mission opportunities both local and abroad. We have two main online platforms for prayer, which are:

  1. FaceBook Live: three nights per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at 7:00PM we will pray for 15 minutes covering pre-arranged topics.
  2. FaceBook Page: Twice weekly (Tuesday and Thursday) we will post the “Devoted Minute”, a one-minute, theme-focused prayer.

Information about these these topics will be passed on during the services at TCC and on the 24/7 PrayerLink email loop. 

I Will Serve

Community Outreaches

Community Outreach Events in Knoxville and Briceville: House Churches, Daycare outreaches, VBS, etc. More information to follow as things are finalized.

I Will Give (four opportunities)


1) “Sponsor a Mom” — Hope Resource Center 

We are raising money toward helping pregnant women who come to the Hope Resource Center and are choosing to keep their babies. Many of them are challenged financially and we want to support them in their decision by providing items needed for the care of their babies (convertible car seats, Pack n’ Play, diaper bags, bath and tub supplies, baby clothes, etc.).

Goal: ($2,000)


2) Amazing Grace Church Plant — Poznan, Poland —

We are helping fund a video campaign to reach seekers by answering the questions they have about Evangelicals and the gospel. (Facebook ads, start-up and first 10 videos); this campaign can also be used in other cities

Goal: $3,000

3) Tanzania Mission Trip —

In October, a team from TCC (4 TCC partners and 4 people from outside of Trinity) will be going to Tanzania.  Goldie Harrill has ministered in this area multiple times before and this trip hopes to include a Youth conference, Women’s Conference, pastors/leaders conference, ministry at children’s home, home visits, VBS with village children, medical outreach, and ministry to the Masai tribe. We are raising money not for the cost of the trip, but to supply the children’s home with mattresses and sheet sets, as well as buying livestock for families (cows, goats, pigs, chickens).

Goal: $3,000

4) Feed the Children: Kenya and Philippines —

Kenya Children’s Food Program — TCC Partner Alloyce Leonard, a native of Kenya, has worked to set up a non-profit ministry to meet the needs of malnourished children in the rural village of Mbita, Kenya. The COVID-19 crisis has hit this area very hard and families are barely surviving. 

Philippines (James Tica) — There is a very similar, very dire situation in Asia. We were able to send emergency help earlier this year to our friend James Tica in the Philippines. He is helping people survive by preventing starvation for the duration of the pandemic crisis. 

Goal: $2,000

Total Hands & Feet Offering Goal- $10,000