Hands and Feet Offering

Hands and Feet Offering

Our Hands and Feet Offering is an opportunity for TCC partners to give time, energy and money to local, national and international missions opportunities (beyond the normal 10% of our income that goes directly to missions.)

This season’s offering comes with several opportunities to pray and give, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We ask you to look over these options and pray about how God would lead you to partner with us. You can go to the “giving” page of this website and designate your gift to the area of your choice.

I Will Pray

For Our Family

For people to come to faith in Christ, for families and for missions opportunities and for the health of our TCC body of believers


Devoted is a focused prayer initiative that utilizes social media to bring together the entire body at TCC for strategic prayer. We will pray methodically for relationships, growth and mission opportunities both local and abroad. We have two main online platforms for prayer, which are:

  1. Facebook Live: three nights per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at 7:00PM we will pray for 15 minutes covering pre-arranged topics.
  2. Facebook Page: On Tuesdays we will post the “Devoted Minute”, a one-minute, theme-focused prayer.

I Will Give (two opportunities)

Reaching the Unreached in Tanzania
We have an opportunity to help bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Massai people of Tanzania in a very practical way.  Our goal is to raise $5000 to finish a fresh water well project in the Kirya region of Massai country, near Kilamanjaro, Tanzania.
There is a newly planted church in Kirya and a pastor and his family now serves the people of this region.  The well will change things radically for the Massai, as they now drink diseased water from a nearby river which causes the men, women, and children to suffer from many water-born diseases. Easily accessible and clean drinking water, drawn from church’s property,  will allow many opportunities for the gospel to change the lives of these precious people.
Also, we have an opportunity to help purchase adjoining property for an expanded presence in that area that will include a secondary school where children will not only be educated, but also trained to work the land and given life skills. Our goal is to raise $3000 for the purchase of the land.

Reaching the less fortunate in east Tennessee
Our annual Kids First Daycare/Stockings of Love outreach will help buy gifts and materials for needy families in the East Tennessee region. This year our ministry will include: families at the Knoxville Burundi Church, West Lonsdale Center of English; Briceville Elementary (107 students) and dozens of families in the mountains of Briceville. We will also provide gifts for needy families at the Kids First Daycare. Our goal is to raise $2000 for outreach to the daycare and surrounding area.

Total Hands & Feet Offering Goal- $5,000