Hands and Feet Offering – Spring & Fall 2019

Hands and Feet Offering – Spring & Fall 2019

Our Hands and Feet Offering is an opportunity for TCC partners to give time, energy and money to local, national and international missions opportunities (beyond the normal 10% of our income that goes directly to missions.

This year’s offering comes with many opportunities to pray, serve and give, and we are reaching for our largest goal to date: $20,000!

We ask you to look over these options and pray about how God would lead you to partner with us. You can go to the “giving” page of this website and designate your gift to the area of your choice.

I Will Pray

Community Outreaches through House Churches

Our House Churches are outposts for God’s kingdom in neighborhoods across Knox and Anderson counties and beyond. Pray for creative ideas and opportunities to reach out to unbelievers and win them to Christ.

Morgan County Prison

Pray for Lonnie Gregg, long-standing member of TCC and Chaplain at Morgan County Prison. Pray for peace in the facility, for believers to grow and influence fellow inmates, and for the suppression of Islamic teaching there. Pray for Lonnie to have health and strength to continue to minister there. Pray for new people who are willing to visit the facility and minister there.

2019 International Mission Trips

We have opportunities to minister in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa this year. The countries include Ireland, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, India, Poland, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, The Philippines, Cambodia and others. 

Information about these trips will be passed on during the services at TCC and on the 24/7 PrayerLink email loop. 

I Will Serve

1) YWAM Knoxville (Rob & Chris Ellis and family)

Bible Release Time – opportunities to minister the gospel to elementary students in Anderson County Tennessee. (Briceville/Norris). The time commitment is one Friday per month. Contact Chris Ellis at 865-742-4702

2) English as a Second Language Classes (ESL)

This is a great opportunity to reach out to the international community here in Knoxville. You can build friendships, help them learn English, cook meals or offer childcare during the meetings (beginning August). Time commitment is one evening per week (Monday or Thursday). Contact Angie Martinez at 865-335-8853 for more information.

I Will Give (seven opportunities)


1)  Ellis’— CMO/YWAM Knoxville ministry needs

This contribution will go toward miscellaneous items needed to continue outreach to inner city children’s outreach in the Knoxville Area.

Goal: ($2000)

2) Scholarships to Camp Gattawanna for kids who don’t know Christ in the Briceville Area 

The Ellis family’s work in Anderson County Elementary schools has opened opportunities for some of the children to come to our fantastic Junior Camp, Camp Gattawanna this summer. This gift will pay the majority of the camp fee for five children (we want the children to also make an investment in the camp, so we are not paying the entire scholarship).

Goal: $100 per child ($500)

3) “Sponsor a Mom” — Hope Resource Center

This gift goes to help pregnant women who came to the Hope Resource Center and are choosing to keep their babies. Many of them are challenged financially and we want to support them in their decision by providing items needed for the care of their babies (convertible car seats, Pack n’ Play, diaper bags, bath and tub supplies, baby clothes, etc.). This opportunity comes to us in cooperation with TCC’s Protecting Human Life Team.

Goal: ($1000)


4) Annual Buffalo Mission Trip (July, 2019) – This trip, in conjunction with YWAM Knoxville, allows us to give practical help each year to the marginalized and needy people of the Buffalo, NY area. Many people who make this trip come back home with a vision to continue this ministry in the needy areas of Knoxville. We are hoping to raise half the money needed for each partner who goes on this trip.

Goal: 15 partners at $300 = ($4500)


5) Ireland Mission Trip (August 2019) — This is our annual trip to serve the churches God has connected us to in Ireland. We hope to help the church in many practical needs, especially with an outreach to children and young families through our Camp Gattawanna, Ireland experience! We hope to raise half of the support of each partner who goes on this trip.

Goal: 10 partners at $750 ($7500)

6) Kenya Children’s Food Program — TCC Partner Alloyce Leonard, a native of Kenya, has worked to set up a non-profit ministry to meet the needs of malnourished children in the rural village of Mbita, Kenya. The Victoria Watoto Fund (the name comes from the Swahili word for children, “watoto” and Lake Victoria, on which banks the village is located) will provide healthy meals and an opportunity for the love and gospel of Jesus to be expressed to these children and their families (more info at www.victoriawatotofund.com or facebook.com/victoriawatotofund). We want to provide half the start-up costs to get this project up and running. 

Goal: $1500

7) Bethanie Children’s Home, Les Cayes, Haiti

Trinity is continuing to sponsor the orphans and staff at Bethanie Children’s Home. Our dear friends, Ignace and Franchette Augustine have operated this home for many years and TCC has committed to supply the funds to help feed, house and educate these children. Together, we are helping to change the future and destiny of these children and this nation through this ministry. We hope to raise enough to fund the children’s home for another 6 months.

Goal: $3000