Hands and Feet Offering

Hands and Feet Offering

Our Hands and Feet Offering is an opportunity for TCC partners to give time, energy, and financial support to local, national, and international mission opportunities. This is beyond the usual 10% of our income that goes directly to missions.

This season’s offering comes with several opportunities to pray, give, and serve; we couldn’t be more excited. We ask you to look over these options and pray about how God would lead you to partner with us.

Tanzania Mission Trip

This year, we will be sending a Missions team to Tanzania. They will minister to orphaned children and widows, assessing them medically and helping with medical needs. Throughout the trip, they will be leading devotionals and praying with those who care for these children.

The team is also excited to provide medical care to the tribes and home-to-home shut-ins in the area.

Needs for the Tanzania trip:


Please pray fervently for the team! Pray for health safety, pray that all tests for COVID are negative and that there are no problems during travel.


We hope to raise $10,000 for the trip, which will help pay for medical supplies, housing, and food. The team that will be covering their own plane tickets, but we would like to cover half the cost of their additional travel expenses.

Buffalo Mission Trip

We are sending another team to Buffalo, New York, to minister to the people in that area. Our team will give groceries to about 150-200 families and pray for them during the week. They also will be supplying bags of groceries and necessities, like mattresses, to 30-40 immigrant and refugee families.

Street evangelism is a big part of the trip, so our team will be talking and praying with 75-100 people on Grant Street or Downtown at the bus station. If we can host another Kids Club while there, it will be a great opportunity to minister to 300-500 kids and share the Gospel truth with them and their families. Last but not least, we will be ministering to the homeless at shelters and/or soup kitchens, Lord willing, reaching another 100 homeless men, women, and children.



Pray fervently for the team. Pray for health safety and that tests for COVID are negative and that there are no problems during travel!


We hope to raise $4,000 for the trip. We would like to cover half of the cost for those going from our church.

Help my neighbor initiative

The Help My Neighbor Initiative started at the beginning of the year with a generous gift given to the church as a fund that is set aside for anyone to access to help others around them show the love of Christ. This way, the body is empowered and equipped to be the hands and feet of Christ to those that come along our way.

So far this fund has:

  • Built an elementary playground
  • Sent cards of encouragement to teachers
  • Helped with multiple health care needs
  • Helped homeless families 
  • Fed 120 people from kids first daycare
  • And more!

Our desire is to continue this fund to continue to have it available for any needs that may come up that are beyond our personal means!

  • We are continuing monthly community outreaches and are planning to feed 120 people again.
  • We want to set aside $1000 a month to continue this initiative for the next 6 months.



Pray that God will use this fund to help those around us. Pray that God will use you to be a part of this and that we would be sensitive to the Spirit speaking to us on how to use it.


We encourage everyone to volunteer during these outreach opportunities! We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ, and this initiative is a great practical way to do that.


We hope to raise $6,000 for this initiative, so we can set $1,000 aside for outreaches every month over the next 6 months.