Leadership Staff

Leadership Staff


Scott Wiens

Scott is a man that believes in and has experienced a relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. He was raised in a church that believed in works-based salvation but was broken free by the grace of God and now lives in the light of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Scott is passionate about his calling to lead and pastor God’s people and is very thankful to be a part of a Gospel-centered, biblically faithful,…
Teaching Pastor

Kelly Kinder

A Knoxville native, Kelly is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. He has pastored churches in West and East Tennessee and as a church planter. Kelly has a passion for faithfully communicating God’s word and showing how its truths apply to daily living. He desires to see the gospel transferred to succeeding generations. Kelly and his wife, Nickie, have five children: Eric, Laura, Alyssa, Andrew, and Chad.