Step 3: Foundations


  1. Trinity Community Church

    Hi Christy,

    We will be live-streaming the teaching part of the class to our Facebook and Youtube pages. However, we recommend when you can join us on zoom, as we will have a discussion time afterward that will not be streamed. We hope this helps, and let us know if you have any further questions.

  2. April Emerick

    I live about two hours away from your church. However, I am very interested in this course. Can I do the work for it from home possibly? I saw a response to someone else that stated there would be videos and about attending via zoom.

    • Trinity Community Church

      Hi April,

      So the response you saw was in response to a previous time we held the class.

      Currently, we aren’t able to include remote participants, however, you can view our previous recordings/sessions of the class here:

      If you would like to talk to our pastors about any questions that you might have, feel free to reach out to our office during open hours about setting up a time to talk with them (even remotely). Hope that helps!

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