Community Group Leaders’ Lunch

Community Group Leaders’ Lunch

Join us for a friendly lunch where our Community Group leaders and those interested in leading come together. This isn’t just a meeting; it’s a chance to strengthen our community bonds and share our passion for helping others.

Our leaders are the backbone of our community. Your enthusiasm and ideas bring our groups to life, creating spaces where everyone feels welcome. We’ll look back at our recent experiences, celebrate successes, and learn from our challenges. It’s the perfect opportunity for seasoned leaders to share insights and for new faces to discover what leading a group is all about.

Our groups are as diverse as we are, focusing on faith, fun, service, and shared interests. Your thoughts on new groups or improving existing ones are essential. This lunch is where we brainstorm how to align our ideas with TCC’s heart and mission, ensuring a place for everyone.

This gathering is about more than just eating together; it’s about discussing ideas for a community that reflects our shared values. It’s a time to make friendships stronger, encourage one another, and plan for our groups to continue being sources of joy and growth.

We’re eager to hear from you, especially if you’re considering leading a group. Your input is vital in shaping a community that feels like a real family.

So, join us! We’re looking forward to having lively chats and laying the foundations for a future where our Community Groups are vibrant parts of our church life.

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