Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

2021 Men’s Calendar

  • Saturday, March 27 – Thrive! Men’s Event
  • Saturday, April 10 – Thrive! Men’s Event Replay
  • Saturday, April 24 – Men’s Breakfast (Thrive! Part 2)
  • Saturday, May 15 – Men’s Cornhole Tournament
  • Saturday, July 10 – Build Your Thrive Team / Mens’ Bring Your Own Breakfast
  • Saturday, July 10 – Widow’s Oil Change
  • Saturday, September 18 – Men’s Breakfast
  • Saturday, November 6 – Men Around a Fire

Upcoming Men’s Events

September 18, 2021
Men’s Breakfast

All men and sons if you have them are invited to join us at our Fall Kickoff Men’s Breakfast on September 18, 2021. If you are married, single, in college, a young adult, a teenager, a son…

…You get the idea. If you’re male, come have a great breakfast! We will have eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal and milk, and more along with plenty of coffee and drinks. After breakfast, we will launch our Fall Men’s Contest and announce some of the prizes you can win!

We need to know how much food to have, so it is important for you to register if you are coming.

November 6, 2021
Men Around a Fire

More info coming soon.

Past Events

March 27, 2021: THRIVE! part 1
How to Be Successful at Life

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Be Successful. Have Significance. Leave a Legacy.

If you missed the March 27, 2021 Thrive! Part 1 meeting or you’d like to go through the material again, here’s your second chance! We’re doing Part 1 one more time in preparation for Part 2 at the Men’s Breakfast on April 24. Here’s what you need to know.

Men, young to old, are invited to join in this 4-hour men’s event on Saturday, April 10, 2021. This event equips men to thrive in all areas of their life in practical ways. The event is free, with breakfast and lunch provided, just bring your Bible.

Get a free event t-shirt when you register by Thursday, April 8, 2021 (if you have not attended previously)!

Thrive Men's Event logo

Here’s the Details:

Single men, married men, fathers, sons 12 and up…  If you are male, you are welcome.

Saturday, April 10, 2021, 8:00am-12:00pm

  • 8:00am – Bring your own breakfast
  • 8:15am – Meeting Starts
  • 12:00pm (or sooner) – Meeting is finished


Free. Water and tea provided.

Reserve Your Spot:
Be sure to register by Thursday, April 8, 2020 to get a free event t-shirt if you have not attended previously!! (If you have already attended and received a free t-shirt, you may purchase additional shirts if you would like.)

Click here to register or text THRIVE to 865-236-1979 to register.

April 24, 2021
Men’s Breakfast / Thrive Part 2

Thrive Men's Event logo

Join us at TCC in the Radical Room for a delicious breakfast. (If you’ve had one of Mona Porterfield’s breakfasts, you know it’s going to be good!) After breakfast, we will have a Q&A for any questions you might have from Thrive! Part 1. We will then move to the sanctuary for Thrive! Part 2.

In this short, 1 hour presentation, we will discuss how to make wise choices so that you can achieve your goals as well as tips to beat the grind when the going gets tough or boring. Thrive! Part 2 will help you reach your goals whether you have attended Part 1 or not.

Please let us know if you are coming so that we can make sure we have enough food for everyone. Call Brian at 865-687-7698 or email

May 15, 2021
Men’s Cornhole Tournament

We will be playing corn hole with prizes for first and second places, and we will have plenty of grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and sides. Everyone is welcome to play in the tournament, but you don’t have to. Just come to eat and hang out if you prefer.

When: Saturday, May 15 at 4 pm
Where: 245 Logan Lane, Heiskell TN 37754
Who: Men (You’re welcome to bring your son(s) if you would like.)


If it rains, Tony has a barn so we can move everything inside and still have a great time.

We want to make sure we have enough food.

July 10, 2021 (8AM-9:15am)
Build Your Thrive Success Team Breakfast

Purpose: Build your success team to help you achieve the goals you set
Who: Men who want to be successful (whether you attended the Thrive training or not)
Date: Saturday, July 10, 2021, 8:00am-9:15am
Location: At TCC in the Fellowship Hall
Food: Coffee, donuts, other drinks. Feel free to bring anything else that you’d like to eat.

Come join us at 8 AM on July 10, 2021, to eat breakfast together and build your Thrive Team to help you succeed at your goals! We’ll be meeting in the Fellowship Hall and providing the donuts, coffee, and other drinks. You are welcome to bring anything else that you’d like to eat.

At the Thrive Events, you already learned about setting goals, principles of achieving them, and how God empowers you to reach them. Now, let’s assemble your team to help you be successful at accomplishing them. This event is not teaching but is all practical. After breakfast, you’ll be able to find other like-minded men with whom you can team up to help encourage and build you up on your way to success. You won’t want to miss this! Click the link below to reserve your spot!

If you have not attended the Thrive training, we’d still love to get you involved! Please, go ahead, reserve your spot below, and come on to the breakfast.

Click here to reserve your spot!

July 10, 2021 (10am-12am)
Widows’ & Single Moms’ Oil Change

We’re doing it again! July 10, 2021, the TCC Men’s Ministry will be providing oil changes for our widows and widowers, single moms, and seniors who are partners of TCC and would like some help.

If you are a widow, widower, single mom or senior (over 65)… 

Reservations are required to get an oil change so that we can schedule your time. Please contact Brian by email ( or by phone/text (865-687-7698) to make your reservation and get your ticket.

If you would like to provide part or all of an oil change for one of our widows, single moms or seniors, please make a donation to TCC, designate it for “Men’s Ministry” and add “Widows Oil Change” in the notes field.

Looking for a men’s triad?

It’s amazing what happens when you know that someone else has your back. As independent as we men are, we need relationships with other men. A triad is a group of three people of the same gender who meet regularly to encourage one another as well as study scripture and discipleship materials in order to grow in their knowledge, character, and skills. It is not a hard and fast rule that there must be three people, but we have found that three is a good number for interaction, mutual encouragement, and accountability.

We encourage you to form a triad based on the natural relationships the Lord seems to put together around you. If would like to be in a triad and don’t know where to start, we can help. Click here to fill out our sign up form.

Looking for something to study in your triad? Click here to view some of our recommended Discipleship Materials