Core Groups

Core Groups

Current Core Groups

Core Groups are TCC sponsored groups that help with the process for visitors to become partners, as well as practical training and equipping for partners at TCC.

Our Next Steps Classes are part of our Core Groups and the process of becoming a Partner at TCC. The steps are:

  • Step 1: Discovering TCC
  • Step 2: FIT Initiative
  • Step 3: Foundations

To find out more about our upcoming Next Steps class, visit our events page!

Every semester, we will offer classes that deal with the following areas:

  • Practical Training (marriage, parenting, finances, etc.) 
  • Ministry Training (TMAP, Ministry Team Training, etc.) 
  • Bible Training 

What kinds of Core groups are there?

There are several types of Core Groups.

First are our Next Steps classes. These classes walk you through the process of becoming a partner.

Step 1: Discovering TCC class
Step 2: F.I.T. Initiative class
Step 3: Foundations class

The other categories are:
Practical Training (marriage, parenting, finances, etc.). 
Ministry Training (TMAP, Ministry Team Training, etc.). 
Bible Training (How to Listen to God, Spiritual Formation, How to Study the Bible and Apply It to Life (basic principles), Moving Beyond Your Past, Know What You Believe (Basic theology/Doctrine). 

Who can lead a Core group?

Core groups are led by Elders, Deacons, and other church leaders that have been approved by the eldership. 

How often do Core groups meet?

Each group has its own meeting time frame from intensive one-day courses, to weekly, bi-weekly, seasonal, or perpetual ongoing.

What is the time commitment to the groups?

Each group has its own commitment within the semester system. If it is an ongoing group, it will be advertised at the beginning of each semester with the other groups starting up.

Where do the groups meet?

Core Groups will meet at our church building.

Is there a cost to join a group?

Core Groups are FREE.