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Connect Groups

Current Connect Groups

Connect Groups are TCC Partner initiated small groups with specific focuses that are designed to connect people inside and outside the body of TCC together. The groups are encouraged to spend some time each meeting in spiritual discussion and prayer and do at least one service project per semester. These groups are for creating relationships and connections to help strengthen one another.

What kinds of connect groups are there?

There are 2 main kinds of Connect Groups: Activity-Based Groups and Christian Growth Focus Groups.

Activity-Based Groups will be things like hiking, cycling, volleyball, bowling, knitting, etc. Christian Growth Focus Groups will be bible studies, faith-based books, prayer groups, etc.

Who can lead a Connect group?

Connect Groups are led by TCC Partners in good standing that have been through the Connect Group approval process.

How often do the groups meet?

Each group has its own meeting time frame from intensive one-day courses, to weekly, bi-weekly, for a season, or perpetual ongoing.

What is the time commitment to the groups?

Each group has its own commitment within the semester system. If it is an ongoing group, it will be advertised at the beginning of each semester with the other groups starting up.

Where do the groups meet?

Groups may meet wherever is best for the group. It may be here at our church building, or in the middle of the Smokies.

Is there a cost to join a group?

There will be no base fees to join a group. However, some groups may have a minimal cost related to materials needed for the group according to the needs of the group. Check with your group leader for details.

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