Community Groups

Community Groups

Community is a integral part of TCC. Community Groups are connection points for people to create relationships, grow spiritually, and serve the world around them.

Community Groups fit into two different categories:

Core Groups

Core Groups are TCC sponsored groups that help visitors become partners, as well as practical training and equipping for partners at TCC.

The regularly occurring Core Groups are our Next Steps classes:

  • Step 1: Discovering TCC
  • Step 2: FIT Initiative
  • Step 3: Foundations

To find out more about our upcoming Next Steps class, visit our events page!

Every semester, we will offer classes that deal with the following areas:

  • Practical Training (marriage, parenting, finances, etc.) 
  • Ministry Training (TMAP, Ministry Team Training, etc.) 
  • Bible Training 

To see our other Core Groups, check out our Core Groups Page!

Connect gRoups

Connect Groups are TCC Partner initiated small groups with specific focuses designed to connect the community inside and outside the body of TCC. These groups are encouraged to spend time each meeting in spiritual discussion and prayer and do at least one service project per semester. Our goal is for these groups to create relationships and connections to help strengthen one another.

We are so excited to be able to offer a huge variety of groups each semester!

There are 2 main kinds of Connect Groups: Interest-Based Groups and Christian Growth Focus Groups.

Interest-Based Groups could include hiking, cycling, volleyball, bowling, knitting, etc. Christian Growth Focus Groups will be Bible studies, faith-based books, prayer groups, etc.

To see our list of our current Connect Groups and to learn more, click here!

Current Core and Connect Groups