The Christian Family Tree (Connect Group)

The Christian Family Tree (Connect Group)

The Christian family Tree: One Body, A Gazillion Branches, and How We Got There connect group will be a brief survey of church history discussing the rise of the various branches (Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Church of England, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc.) and the squabbles that preceded each split. The topic requires a bit more “lecture” to set the historical stage before getting to discussion, but each of these denominations arose over concerns about doctrine and practice, as well as petty little messes of power, ego, and all the ugliness of the human heart. Each evening will contain historical, doctrinal, practical, and irenic elements as we think Christianly about the Family of God through the centuries.

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Cost: Free

Start Date: September 17

How often: Weekly

Date and Time: Sundays at 5:00 PM – 8:00PM

Where: TBD (contact Bob
for details)

Gender-Specific: Co-ed

Ages: All ages welcome

What do group members need to bring: We will be sharing a meal together so we will coordinate items for everyone to bring!

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Oct 01 2023


5:00 PM


Bob Roberts