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Everything Is Meaningless – Two Are Better Than One

August 13, 2023
Kelly Kinder
In his sermon, Pastor Kelly Kinder delves into life's challenges like envy and arrogance, using Ecclesiastes 4 as a guide. Highlighting the importance of companionship and community, he references Howard Hughes and emphasizes unity. Kelly reminds us of our bond with Jesus, advocating for community and togetherness. Through Ecclesiastes and God's grace, Kelly suggests we can overcome life's obstacles.

Life can often seem hazy, overshadowed by forces like envy, arrogance, and injustice, leading many to feel lost and overwhelmed. Yet, Ecclesiastes 4 shines a beacon, guiding us through these challenges and towards God’s wisdom and grace.

In this enlightening sermon, Pastor Kelly Kinder unveils these profound truths. As we journey through various life issues, Kelly takes us towards the end where God’s wisdom and grace brighten our paths. Using Ecclesiastes as our roadmap, Kelly equips us with tools to discern the better choices in our imperfect world.

One significant challenge Kelly addresses is the intricate tussle with envy and arrogance. Such feelings can steer our actions, often towards damaging outcomes. Kelly shares insights from the Bible, revealing envy’s toxic side while urging us to self-reflect.

Highlighting the pitfalls of our increasingly individualistic society, Kelly underscores the unmatched beauty of companionship and community. Referencing the life of Howard Hughes, a renowned loner, he illustrates why camaraderie surpasses solitude, and why community living is more rewarding than many think.
Kelly emphasizes the necessity of being open-minded and cautions against arrogance’s trappings. He encourages us to appreciate the perspectives of younger generations and learn from their insights, again underscoring the significance of unity and togetherness.

In our toughest times, Kelly reminds us of our ultimate companion – Jesus Christ. No other bond exemplifies the mantra that “two are better than one” than our connection with Jesus. He supports, uplifts, and guides us during life’s most daunting phases.

Kelly concludes his sermon with an appeal for community and unity. With heartfelt prayers for those feeling downcast or alone, he hopes his message imparts solace, a fresh viewpoint, and a generous helping of God’s wisdom.

Life’s hurdles can be daunting. But armed with Ecclesiastes’ wisdom and God’s grace, we can tackle these challenges and grow stronger.