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Everything Is Meaningless – God Will Judge

August 6, 2023
Mark Medley
In "God Will Judge," Pastor Mark Medley dives into Ecclesiastes, exploring life's uncertainties and inherent injustices. Drawing inspiration from Solomon's wisdom, Acts 24, and "Just Mercy," Mark underscores introspection and the power of forgiveness, advocating for a life rooted in God's righteousness and justice.

In the thought-provoking sermon titled “God Will Judge,” Pastor Mark Medley invites us on an introspective journey into the profound wisdom found in the book of Ecclesiastes. Throughout the sermon, Mark addresses life’s uncertainties, the realities of corruption and injustice in God-ordained institutions, and the depths of human nature and the puzzle of life’s unfairness.

Mark starts with an overview of the book of Ecclesiastes, where Solomon offers insights on navigating life. He delves into the uncertainty of life, reasons for injustices, and what transpires after we pass away. While Solomon’s views might sometimes seem bleak, Mark emphasizes the importance of asking challenging questions and staying real in our faith. He highlights the power of introspection and the necessity of wrestling with life’s challenging queries.

Moving forward, Mark touches on the topic of injustice and corruption in God-ordained institutions. He reflects on the story of Paul in Acts 24, where Paul faces the corrupt Felix, who hoped for a bribe. Mark also brings in the poignant movie “Just Mercy,” which tells the tale of Walter McMillan, a man wrongfully convicted and forced to endure years on death row. He shares stories of injustice and considers how corrupt individuals in God-ordained institutions can affect our relationship with God.

Then, Mark dives into the complexities of human nature and life’s inherent unfairness. He looks at how God evaluates us and our actions, comparing it with animal behavior. The strength of faith and its perception through God’s Spirit also gets a spotlight. The sermon contemplates the mystery of what’s beyond death and the art of cherishing the blessings we have. Throughout this part, Solomon’s focus on righteousness and justice is evident, emphasizing the importance of a life centered on God.

Concluding the sermon, Mark speaks about the transformative power of forgiveness and the healing it brings. Reflecting on Jesus’s sufferings and His capacity to forgive even in torment, Mark offers a heartfelt prayer for restoration and pardon. He encourages everyone to have faith in God’s righteous judgment and highlights the importance of prayer in bringing solace.

In summary, this sermon delves deep into Solomon’s wisdom, touching upon life’s uncertainties, corruption, injustice, and life’s puzzling aspects. Mark urges us to re-evaluate our views, face challenging questions, and hold onto a grounded faith. Through reflection and prayer, Mark guides us on a transformative journey, encouraging a life deeply rooted in God’s righteousness and justice.