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Everything Is Meaningless – Don’t Do Nothing

September 24, 2023
Mark Medley
In his sermon, Mark delves into decision-making, exploring how our strengths can be double-edged swords. Using the Strengths Finder tool, he discusses the pros and cons of being deliberative vs. an activator. He emphasizes the role of faith in guiding wise decisions, concluding that a balanced approach, informed by faith, is key to navigating life's uncertainties.

In today’s uncertain world, knowing how to make wise decisions is more crucial than ever. That’s why Mark delves into the complexities of decision-making in this sermon, focusing on the surprising ways our strengths can also be our weaknesses. Mark discusses the Strengths Finder tool, which outlines two key strengths—being deliberative and an activator—as guiding forces in our decision-making process. While the deliberative approach helps us foresee potential risks and avoid catastrophes, it can also result in ‘paralysis by analysis.’ The activator strength propels us to act quickly but might make us miss vital details. Striking a balance between these two is essential for wise decisions. Decision fatigue is a real issue in our lives, exacerbated by the endless choices we have to make daily.

Mark explains how factors like fear of failure, self-doubt, and overthinking can lead to indecisiveness. On the other hand, having a clear vision, adaptability, and strong values can make us more decisive. What role does faith play in this? Mark believes faith can be a significant motivator, inspiring us to rise above challenges and take calculated risks. He draws upon biblical accounts and inspiring stories of figures like Dr. Cherry, Wayne Gretzky, and Hank Aaron to show how faith can guide us in transforming our strengths and weaknesses into decisive action.

Mark also highlights the transformative power of prayer in facing adversity. He believes that when we rest in God’s love, we are freed to pursue our calling boldly, using our strengths and overcoming our weaknesses.

This sermon offers invaluable insights into understanding the paradox of our decision-making strengths, the careful balance between being decisive and indecisive, and the transformative role of faith. Whether you see yourself as a deliberative thinker or an activator, Mark’s insights will equip you to navigate the complexities of decision-making in our uncertain world.

In this sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes, we explore life’s richness and complexity, a divine gift laden with both blessings and trials. The quest for contentment often leads us to chase the insubstantial – wealth, pleasure, status, relationships – akin to chasing the wind. Ecclesiastes prompts us to ponder life’s fleeting nature and seek a higher purpose. As followers of Jesus, we rest in the hope of God’s sovereignty and justice, trusting that He will make all things right. Join us on this journey of faith, hope, and contentment as we dive into the thought provoking book of Ecclesiastes.