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Grace Under Fire – Gospel Motivated Behaviors

April 21, 2024
Scott Wiens
Pastor Scott explores 'Gospel Motivated Behaviors' in a life of faith amid today's distractions. Join our "Grace Under Fire" series.

In the soul-stirring sermon “Gospel Motivated Behaviors,” part of the “Grace Under Fire” series, Pastor Scott Wiens invites us into the profound depths of spiritual maturity, as seen through the lens of Peter’s epistles. We embark on an exploration of the six behaviors that are not mere acts of compulsion but the natural fruits of a life transformed by the Gospel’s power—a life that blossoms from grace, not from the obligations of duty.

Scott draws a parallel with the resonating themes of sacrifice and duty in “Saving Private Ryan,” using the narrative to frame our spiritual call to arms. The scripture implores us to ‘gird up the loins of our minds,’ an ancient phrase depicting the readiness of warriors for battle, and Scott translates this into a modern-day beckoning for mental preparedness. This preparation, he articulates, is akin to the discipline of ancient combatants—readying for spiritual warfare through a robust engagement with faith.

Delving into the text, Scott emphasizes the significance of a sober mind in our tumultuous world. This sobriety of thought is what anchors us amidst the tempests of fleeting desires and distractions. It’s a call to spiritual vigilance—to live in the present yet be ever cognizant of the eternal grace that awaits us at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

In this series, we reflect on the three facets of grace—past, present, and future. Grace past was God’s plan for redemption set in motion from the foundation of the world. Grace present is our current dwelling in the age of salvation made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice. Grace future is the consummation of our faith at Christ’s return. Scott weaves these timelines into a cohesive narrative that encourages us to live with the anticipation of the grace that is yet to come.

Holiness, a recurring theme, is depicted not merely as moral living but as a profound calling to be set apart for divine purposes. Scott urges us to examine our hearts for a genuine yearning to please God, underscoring that true faith is always accompanied by a transformation that affects not only our inner desires but also manifests in outward, tangible acts of love and reverence.

With fear—the reverential kind that recognizes the holiness of God—Scott guides us through the importance of conducting ourselves with an awareness of our transient status on this earth. This fear is not about dread but about a deep-seated awe that shapes our behaviors and molds our interactions with others, especially within the Christian community.

Love, the hallmark of our faith, is the final point that Scott dwells on. It’s a call to earnest, heartfelt love that stems from a pure heart—a love that goes beyond superficial interactions to a Christ-like, sacrificial love, seeking not its own, but the welfare of others.

“Gospel Motivated Behaviors” is not just a sermon; it is an immersion into the essence of what it means to live a Christ-centered life. Scott, with personal anecdotes, including moving stories about his daughter Jessica, invites us to live out the implications of our faith with intentionality, authenticity, and grace.