Acts 4 | Power Came from These House Churches

by | Aug 13, 2019

Supernatural things happen when believers meet together in homes. The gatherings that the early believers experienced in their homes and in public meetings were not just to make them feel good. From these humble meetings came a power that changed the community.

The fellowship, teaching, breaking of bread and prayer that built these believers up would also burst forth from their lives into the lives of others around them. This was so true that “the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved” (Acts 2:47).

In the first four chapters of the book of Acts we read of many uncommon things becoming common:

  • Once-timid people are made bold to speak the word of God with a power that is undeniable which accomplishes what God wants.
  • Miraculous healings happen in the name and through the power of Jesus.
  • “Uneducated men” are filled with the confidence to stand heroically before the leaders of the community and give powerful witness to Christ.
  • The church stands boldly before a culture that worshiped many gods and holds forth the truth that salvation is found in no other name but the name of Jesus.

These supernatural things happened because they had been with Jesus and with each other. Being “with Jesus’ made these believers different from other men and women around them (Acts 4:13). Being with other saints in the house churches and the temple meetings brought boldness, confidence and knowledge that produced the fruit of powerful prayer, signs and wonders, Spirit-filled lives and supernatural boldness.

People were getting their own needs met in the assemblies, but they took what they received out to their communities and distributed it freely to others who needed hope and healing.

In the early church, many things were present: Unity (one heart and one soul), a healthy fear of God, the experience of real community, love, hunger for truth, signs and wonders, great power for witness. Great grace was upon them all, and no one lacked, for they all sold what they had and it was distributed to the people as needs arose.

But these believers were also marked by what was missing, such as greed, coveteousness, isolationism and intimidation. It was a powerful company of believers making a real impact on their community.

What excites me most about this is that I am seeing it happen at TCC. We have many selfless saints who are taking the power, knowledge and love that they receive at our house church meetings and Sunday gatherings and are sharing these things with their neighbors, friends and co-workers. And God is adding to us daily those he is saving.

There is a lot of glitter and false hype in our culture. But the life of Christ that comes out of our fellowship in our house churches and Sunday meetings is real and exciting and worth living for. I am so glad I get to experience this with you guys!