Luke 19 | The Love Of Our Savior

by | Jul 31, 2019

Our blog today is from The Gospel of Luke, chapter 19:28-48. I titled this blog The Love of our Savior because of the emotion I feel when reading through it. It opens with what seems at the time to be an incredibly joyous occasion with Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem where his followers cover the very ground his colt will walk on as they shout praises (vs. 38) “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord.” What they did not know or could not understand is what was coming shortly. Having 2000 years and a completed bible and tons of reference books, we have a pretty clear understanding of the chain of events that are about to take place. The other important fact is Jesus knew what was about to happen. He was not shocked that at one moment he would be praised and another be mocked, beaten and killed.
Knowing what was to come, he willingly gave all for you and me. In verse 41 we are told Jesus wept for Jerusalem, knowing they were soon to reject him. Still, his heart breaks for the city and the people he so desperately loves.
That is the Savior I want to serve, the King I want as my advocate, the basket I want all of my eggs in, with no back-up plan, Jesus only! Even as he is cleansing the Temple, he demonstrates his love for the sheep. People have used these verses (45-48) to justify many acts of anger or self-indulgence, but his motive was pure. He was telling us how sacred the church or bride is.
I often think “Why Me?” Why does the Gospel make sense to me and not to others? I do not have all the answers but this I do know, I am grateful for the character and holiness of my God. So, when I read this passage of Scripture that is what I see, not as deep as some scholars but heartfelt none the less.