John 1 | Launch the New Year with the Gospel of John

by | Jan 1, 2019

How many times when you think of John’s Gospel can you visualize a sporting event such as a football game and behind the uprights see someone holding a sign that says “John 3:16”? Or for decades when someone first gets saved we tell them the next steps they should take which almost always included “start reading your Bible and begin with the Gospel of John. So why is the Gospel of John so often the launch pad for new Christians? In my opinion, it is like our owner’s manual for first timers.
John opens with the foundation verse of all truth “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” That sets the tone for our Christian lives; we are given God’s words infallibly true and divinely connected. We are next told in verse 12 if we receive him (Jesus), we will become children of God.
In verse 17, we are told that “For the law was given through Moses: grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” I love this transitional verse in that it honors the Old Testament while ushering in the New. Verse 16 reminds us that “For from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace. When I think of that it brings me great joy that grace so abounds that it is stacked up in our favor. Grace changes people’s lives, it did mine. Before understanding the doctrine of grace, my Christian walk was full of ups and downs. It caused me not only great spiritual pain but actually manifested physically in my body as well.
When I recognize the love and mercy extended from our Father and his Son, I am humbled and so grateful. Grace not only saves us but keeps us while we are on our journey of sanctification. Because of his goodness, I should have to pay for my sin with the sentence of hell, being eternally separated from my creator. But because I belong to Him, I will forever be in his presence.
So even if you have been saved for decades do me a favor, read John’s Gospel again and realize what an amazing God we serve and then when you witness to someone and they are born again you can with great zeal tell them ” You need to read your Bible and go ahead and start in John” it will change your life.