John 8 | Three in One – and it’s not Shampoo We’re Talking About!

by | Jan 10, 2019

“So Jesus said to them, “When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he, and that I do nothing on my own authority, but speak just as the Father taught me.”  (John 8:28 ESV)J

I remember several years ago while watching a YouTube video, a question was asked of this biblical apologetics teacher to explain the Trinity.  Dr. Nabel Qureshi said, “It is important to be able to articulate the doctrine of the Trinity if you believe in it.”  When false religions attack Christianity, this Christian doctrine seems to come under fire the most.  John’s gospel is an excellent book of scripture that reveals Jesus Christ’s union with God.  John’s gospel begins with Jesus Christ (the word) being with and being God from the beginning.  

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1 ESV)

In almost every chapter, John in his gospel proclaims Jesus’ unity with the God.  From John the Baptist to interaction with his disciples and even debating the religious rulers of his time, Christ’s deity is evident throughout John’s gospel. 

In John 8 (v.23), Jesus said to the Pharisees, “you are from below (this world) and I am from above (heaven).” In this statement, Jesus is making contrast between them and himself on where they are from and who he is.  But they still ask “who are you” in verse 25. Jesus told them “just what I have been telling you for the beginning”.  Jesus all along was telling them “who he is” and “who sent him”, but they would not listen!  Jesus does tell the religious leaders when they will know “who he is” in verse 29. This is when he is lifted up on the cross, and God lifts him up out of the grave, and he is lifted up to heaven and seated at the right hand of God.

[Acts 2;56 , Rom 8:34, Eph 1:20, Col 3:1, Heb 1:3, 10:12, 12:2, 1 Pet 3:22 and Rev 3:21]

The term used to describe the union Jesus Christ has with God the Father is Trinity, which means “three in unity” or “three in one” existing together eternally as one   Another word used is the “triune God’.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one in essence (being), but three in person – God eternally existing in three persons.  The concept of the Trinity is difficult to grasp, but essential to our Christian faith.  After extensive study on the topic, Jonathan Edwards noted, “I think [the doctrine of the Trinity] to be the highest and deepest of all Divine mysteries”. It should be made clear that the term “Triune” or “Trinity” does not appear in the Scriptures. It is an “ecclesiastical term” — a word the church uses to conveniently describe a truth about our God that is recorded in Scriptures.  Although the word is not used the concept is seen in the scriptures.  Jesus instructs his followers to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” Matthew 28:19

We also see the triune God on full display at Jesus’ baptism as recorded in Mark 1:v9-11.  The doctrine of the Trinity is worth our time to study, teach and defend this essential truth.  I just finished R.C Sproul’s book “Understanding the Trinity” and I highly recommend this short read that can be downloaded free.  (