JOHN 9 | Eyes Wide Open

by | Jan 12, 2017

As soon as you mention the ninth chapter of John, people immediately say: “Oh the chapter where the blind man is healed” and they are correct. Theologians have written entire books about this incredible chapter while I see a couple of things that may seem less important but I believe to be interesting. When I think of it, my attention is drawn to two other thoughts. First, this young blind man’s IQ is quickly raised and secondly, the real message is not the healing itself but on a micro level Jesus is exposing who the players are while setting us all straight on who he is.

Sure enough a man born blind is healed after the disciples ask a provocative question: “Who was it that sinned this man or his parents”  (vs. 2).  Sure enough, Jesus heals him in an interesting way using spit and dirt to make mud applying that to his eyes and telling him to go wash in the pool of Siloam. By the way, I cannot help but feel this was done for our benefit as he could have simply touched him and healed him right there, reminiscent of Jesus telling the disciples to catch a fish and open its mouth to get money for taxes.

If I put myself into this young man’s shoes, he is a beggar, blind and nearly helpless, counting on the generosity of strangers. We find out later that many knew who he was and he knew no other life and probably could not conceive of another way of life coming. On one unbelievable day, he would go from blind beggar to an encounter with the Son of God, healed, transformed and ultimately saved. I am awestruck with the way he responds to the Pharisees even asking them if they want to become “his (Jesus) disciple”?

We ultimately learn we are all blind until the Truth of God opens our eyes, as well as recognize   religion cannot save us but can harden our hearts. Finally, we learn through Jesus we can be bolder than we ever imagined and on any given day we never know what God will do in our lives. I hope these words shed additional light on this chapter; may our Lord and Savior bless you as he did this man by opening your eyes to the truth.