Acts 18 | The More Excellent Way

by | Aug 31, 2019

As Paul wrapped up his 2nd missionary journey, he met up with Aquila and Priscilla. This husband and wife were Italian Jews who had been sent away from Rome by Claudius along with all other Jewish people. His reason for doing this was probably because of the disturbance among the Jews based on whether Jesus was the Messiah or not. After encountering Paul, Aquila and Priscilla invited him to come and stay in their home with them. They were tentmakers by trade, as was Paul, and so they worked together during this season as well. Paul spent every Sabbath in the synagogue reasoning with Jews and Greeks alike and trying to persuade them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After Paul’s time was finished in Corinth, he set sail for Syria; Priscilla and Aquilla went with him. We aren’t given a clear understanding of how or when they became believers in Jesus, but it’s obvious at this point that they were fully devoted followers of Jesus who were finding ways to serve Paul’s ministry. After arriving at Ephesus, Paul leaves them behind and travels further to strengthen disciples.

About that time, a man named Apollos came to Ephesus. He was described as an eloquent man who knew the Scriptures (Old Testament). He also knew about Jesus and was passionately telling others accurately about Him, but he was only aware of John’s baptism of repentance. When Priscilla and Aquila heard Apollos, they took him aside and explained to him a more excellent way of understanding the things of God. We’re not given a precise description of the tweaking that was given to Apollos, but my suspicion is that he was informed more thoroughly of the work of the Holy Spirit. When Apollos moved on to the next town, the disciples sent letters ahead commending his ministry to those that he would next encounter.

I had a time in my life where I too was lovingly approached by men of God who questioned my stance on a few things I believed and preached at the time. At first, if I’m honest, I was taken aback and somewhat offended by their attempts to “fix” me. As I invested time in personal study, listened to God, and the steady influence of Godly men, I began to realize that there were some key areas in my belief system that needed to be adjusted. I am so thankful that I was willing by the grace of God to humbly learn a more excellent way of understanding the ways of God.